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  1. It wont improve by far the game, but from my POINT OF VIEW, and some others as well, yes. Is not funny calling ppl "low-quality" and then write we shouldnt use childish languaje. u should care as well with what u say, hipocrit.

    As i said this is from my point of view, sometimes u are speaking and u write some words commenting the game which has finished.

    Go delete the post again when u read something u dont like, forum.


  2. What is this forum? When u read something is going against ur value or the way u see the game u delete the posts?  What is this, a fascim forum?

    If i see the mute system has no sense, because i dont see logical being this game for under 7 years kid, i will tell u.

    Ive never seen some @#$% system like this guys, then u complain why ur very low community. Alouthgt u dont like my way to improve the game saying as an advice to quit that system, u cant delete my posts jesus. I wasnt disrecpecting anyone.

    I was talking with one guy to put from my pocket and his pocket some money to make one tournament  with the finality to get old players back, but with those things u quit the desire.



  3. Wanna learn fast? just get some replays of best players of this game and copy them. With time u will understand why they do those stuff, u can extrapolate this tip for whole contexts u can possibly think.

    I can put u my example in this game: I was a player without any knowledge in rts games, first day i came here i went to borgs game and got some replays of his games. Then i spent quite time asking everything.

    Surprise.. after 2-3 days since i started playing 0ad i was 1500.



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  4. Since some ppl know how to dance better than others, i see it requires skill. Sadly some ppl prefer to dont allow that ingame, doing even more easier to micro a game without already not much of it. 

    It shouldnt be allowed to dance with hero, cuz its so so easy, but in general the rest should be permitted.

  5. Can developers put new admins in work? There were some ppl who offered theirself to do that. This will bring new energy for admin work, some admins have quite personal prejudices, they use admin features for have fun kicking from lobby ppl, using their features ingame for personal fun.

    U will know what to do,  but plz if u are serious game, im still waiting for know how long im banned. Plz user1, when u read this solve the doubt, some other has other priorities than doing the admin work.


  6. Sign asap guys, Stockfish said me he will put from his pocket 2k euros in prizes to be splited for 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th. The rest will get a hug from me, just because im pure love.

    Any doubts ask to hannibal barca or nani.



    civ sorry wrong, winter is coming, or maybe summer, who knows.  


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  7. This last game was very nice to play and for see repetition. Comebacks from both sides, a lot of spot figths, from  2v2 on each side to 3v3 and 1v1 etc. Quite intense, with raids from both sides, valirahnt and Boudica sometimes holding 2v1, continuosly res support from each team to help between us etc.. Lets hope all games being like that one.

    Also we need to clarify the passive hero dance, im agree that is the same as dance, focus all dps army and then ran away to come back again its, in fact, the same stuff. Moderators u will decide what to do with that. 


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