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  1. The scopion has the same attack strenght and shot delay like oxybeles, but scopion is faster in unpacking or packing. Is it not fairer when reduce attack strenght and delay, because the scopion does use smaller projectiles like polybolos (ptol)?

  2. Hi there,

    i have a question: the roman scorpio has the same properties like oxybeles, but in unpack/pack time is the scopio faster. visually oxybeles projectiles are bigger than scorpio arrows. is this a bug?

    Thx for help :)

  3. I would like if will add some elephant techs like body armor -  increase armor but reduce walk and run speed - or tower on back - for standing archers / javelins for feature in future - or elephant bridles for increase rotating speed if will reduce in default. but this techs should be very expensive.

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