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  1. All source files should be in public SVN. Otherwise they're completely missing so they wouldn't be somewhere else either. There might have been an error when you updated/checked out though, try to update to get all the files.

  2. In any case 0 A.D. is a 3D game and cannot/will not be changed. That's just not going to happen, so sorry if you'll not be able to play the game, but we can't start over and create another game just because not everyone has a computer that supports 3D.

  3. I don't have any statistics for all computers in the world, but I'm pretty sure most desktop computers in the last 5-10 years should at least support 3D to some extent, at least those sold in the west (=Europe, USA, Canada etc, I'd thought Italy would be included, but I don't know enough of the Italian computer market to be sure). Many laptops should as well.

  4. 0 A.D. may still be in Alpha stage, but the project has been in development for many years, so it would still mean that we would have to throw away a lot of work/content. Also, we're doing this in our free time, so "failing" isn't the same as it is for a company which has to make money.

  5. If you want to write a longer message please send me a private message (Click "Send me a message" to the left of these comment)

  6. As I tried to explain in the thread: We would have to start from the beginning, creating everything again. So it would not be easier, and definitely not quicker. Also, most computers should support 3D. Your current computer maybe doesn't run the game well, but in a couple of years when the game is finished you might have another. Either way this project is too far developed to change now.

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