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  1. On 27/12/2020 at 7:52 PM, Bossatchal said:

    Lastly, I loved Stronghold fires

    Maybe an special unit fast but weak to infiltrate on the enemy base and torch it, like an "always running" citizen able to torch barracks, houses, civic centers, farmlands, stables, but not walls, towers and defensive buildings.

    if ability with cd were implemented. i thought on this because a reference drawing of an early ancient desertic civilization that was posted about a year ago.

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  2. Testing a new pc performance on blender changed a bit the 4th row walking animation. @Nescio


    pike walk test.gif

    Current animation could be used when the syntagma is currently advancing to attack nearby enemies maybe. Tought the 4 animations are now Straight and keeped both animations on Blend Files.

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  3. On 13/10/2020 at 10:45 AM, Nescio said:

    They're supposed to be iron. Also, could you add at least two more below the platform?

    Don't remember, but i reduced saturation so now is iron only.

    So 4 scythes bellow the platform right?

    On 13/10/2020 at 10:45 AM, Nescio said:

    More importantly, the yoke is supposed to be attached to the central pole, and only the central pair was yoked; the outer horses, if any, were fastened with ropes. I've posted various images at

    can you point this ? sorry i couldn't understand what you mean.

    (This response is from the same day you answered  but i didn't had internet till now)

  4. @Nescio would it be time to commit the last charioth with the corrections or i should left the actual one? intended as replacement of the actual persian champion charioth



    Here with the listed corrections:



    No forward/horizontal scythes on the yoke.
    Lower blades below the cart.
    Open Back.
    Only a central beam.
    Curved yoke for match the horse back.

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  5. On 07/10/2020 at 21:48, Enrique said:

    Here's a quick dirty bake from a personal project as an example of detail-is-not-everything.

    You can test this texture set out hidetail textures.rar on an m_armor_tunic_long and compare in-game (downscaling to 256 first) with the regular zoom option with any other unit that looks similar, and you'll see how little benefit for gameplay visuals these do.

    Even with much less details than this, some fancy shader effects allowing to see reflections moving when the unit moves is much more impactful than any super-duper-detailed textures you create.

    Small preview:


    That skin shader looks very good to clean up and add norm map on body if its possible. If its procedurally generated to make all skin tones easily. Also te metal surface.

  6. 12 hours ago, Enrique said:

    Awesome job @Alexandermb

    If you want to keep pushing it forward, try bothering a dev to implement fake reflections (cubemaps) as an "add" layer to the metal shader and a slider or a way to set up its strength. Metals will look 200% better.

    Thank you, Actually i've have mentioned that around 3 or 5 times already in the forum but not directly to a graphic Dev. It certanly would add the fancy fake reflection good enough to make any metal surface looks like actuall metal.

  7. 13 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:


    Ammunition would be a bear to micromanage IMHO. Same with too much weapon switching (unless battalions are implemented).

    Depending on how its seen, if it has auto refresh after a time it may be considered Cooldown.

    If we have an ammunation carriage like Risk of nation with an aura refilling infantry ammunation could reduce micromanage to only a single unit positioning and opening the field to "supply" attack strategy.

    if weapon switching is implemented with automatic switching when ammo is 0 or too much close to use ranged weapons wouldn't be micro.

    and finally with batallions i don't see any problem since archers will have to fully retreat with a single click to replenish instead of selecting a whole group of single infantry. Just like you mentioned.

    For one side the micro management of ammo would make players twink twice on attacking whitout supplies and relying more on melee infantry/cavalry. and less to massification of proyectil before melee hits.

    It has his pros and cons. Wouldn't really know until the feature is fully implemented with every option mentioned above is up to the plan.

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  8. 53 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

    I'm wondering if you'd want to go ahead and redo the Samnite tunic

    Tried that with a "tunic" generator i was trying also: See the results: (wich looks more like silk than cloth but thats the material itself. )

    Good thing is the mesh works as i've expected selecting alpha and using only mask's as shapes for texturing


    TUNIC -03.pngTunic 3 test norm.pngTunic 3 tst.png


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