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  1. It would require making the engine support the 2d graphics which would be quite a bit of work. Also, new graphics would have to be made for every single unit because 3d models could not be used if you wanted a 2d game engine, and that would require more work, plus, it would greatly increase the size of the game (hard disk space) as the animations for each unit take up space.

    It is possible, though, to include lower polygon models that require not as much in a computer, and I believe that they are making lower polygon models as well. this way, the computer would not have to render as much at a time.

  2. That sucks.

    I once got hit by a pitch in baseball. It was right on the ankle. I didn't know this for two weeks after, but it was broken, and during those two weeks, I was playing both at least two hours of soccer and baseball each....

    It sucked because I couldn't play in the baseball tournament because of it.

    I've never broken of dislocated or anything else like that at all before or even after yet.

  3. Hi, I just joined the forums... I'm Andrew, and I like music! I play the guitar, piano, bass, drums.... and anything else needed to record the songs that I write. I also like programming for computers, having used Flash for a few years, and have started C++ a while ago.

    I'm contemplating joining the 0 A.D. team as a gameplay programmer, but I do not really know if I know enough of C++. I'm wondering if someone could quiz or test me on what I know to see if I know enough.


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