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  1. tested scripts

    work:  latin, armenian, cyrillic, bangla, punjabi, malay, hindi, sanskrit, marathi, berber, inuktitut, georgian, greek, hebrew, nepali, cherokee

    dont work: arabic, manipuri, gujarati, kannada, oriya, tamil, telugu, urdu, burmese, mongolian, tibetan, uyghur, dzongkha, persian, n'ko, khmer, lao, kanas, sinhala, thai, amharic, baille, ogham, dhivehi, javanese

  2. 8 hours ago, faction02 said:

    I think ffm had also implemented something to reduce notifications with his mod to help. Instead of having two times '1 Mauritanian Archer ready.", replacing it by only one  "2 Mauritanian Archers ready". Maybe he had also some other idea how to reduce the overload of message when the function is on.

    ffm or fgod (fpre)?

  3. changing mod.json to a24 doesn't work, you get a million

    ERROR: Errors executing script event "Tick"
    ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/session/session~prodmod.js line 92
    undefined has no properties
      __eventhandler393 (Tick)@session Tick:1:1


  4. Everybody whines when alphas change significantly but players always adapt and learn to like it.

    Many people paved the way in a24 for future balancing with more frequent releases.

    We are lucky this time borg and nescio hear our cries about balancing

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  5. When you rotate buildings with [ ], i guess the new snapping resets the rotation.

    Specs can't see player stats (f/w/s/m/p) in observer mode.

    If you sort the list of participants in lobby by some criteria, it resets to default after rejoining or leaving a game.

    I don't know if a mod prevented those behaviors in a23.

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  6. 10 hours ago, Nescio said:

    This is indeed inconsistent and should be corrected. It's probably the result of confusing Kushites (the people from the ancient kingdom of Kush) with Cushitic (the branch of the Afroasiatic language family, of which Oromo and Somali are the most spoken languages nowadays). In 0 A.D. we're only interested in the former, thus the proper Spanish form is kushitas.

    Unfortunately some of the translations containing cusitas have been reviewed, which means they can't be changed by most translators, so someone with more priviliges (@av93, @Gallaecio?) should fix this (click on “All resources” and use a “text:kushite” filter).

    Are you sure?

    The official standardizer, la RAE, registers only 'cusita', not 'kushita', to refer to both, i think.


    The bible has several references to the 'cusitas', for example la mujer cusita de Moisés

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