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  1. On 11/10/2021 at 1:11 PM, Norse_Harold said:

    Let's assign a pseudonym of "harry" to the accuser, and a pseudonym of "carl" to the accused.

    Why don't you assign hamdich to the "accuser" and carid to the "accused", "detective".

  2. You can start right away but stick to noob games, won't be fun for anyone if you have to face experienced players.

    Even if you beat 2 very hard petras, MP is different.

    You won't learn much that way.

    Watch tutorial videos in yt: build orders, eco guides, etc.

    And join higher level games as spectator.

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  3. tested scripts

    work:  latin, armenian, cyrillic, bangla, punjabi, malay, hindi, sanskrit, marathi, berber, inuktitut, georgian, greek, hebrew, nepali, cherokee

    dont work: arabic, manipuri, gujarati, kannada, oriya, tamil, telugu, urdu, burmese, mongolian, tibetan, uyghur, dzongkha, persian, n'ko, khmer, lao, kanas, sinhala, thai, amharic, baille, ogham, dhivehi, javanese

  4. 8 hours ago, faction02 said:

    I think ffm had also implemented something to reduce notifications with his mod to help. Instead of having two times '1 Mauritanian Archer ready.", replacing it by only one  "2 Mauritanian Archers ready". Maybe he had also some other idea how to reduce the overload of message when the function is on.

    ffm or fgod (fpre)?

  5. changing mod.json to a24 doesn't work, you get a million

    ERROR: Errors executing script event "Tick"
    ERROR: JavaScript error: gui/session/session~prodmod.js line 92
    undefined has no properties
      __eventhandler393 (Tick)@session Tick:1:1


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