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  1. Hey guys, just popped back to the forums to say hi and let you know that I still breathe. The work here at WFG is amazing, everyone is doing a great job and its great to see new faces!

    Busy time for me, since I am currently job hunting and getting ready for convocation tomorrow (Saturday). Yes, after all those years of toil and hardship, here I am ready to grad with a Bachelor of Commerce. Just like 0 AD, if you stick with it and believe completely it will happen :)

    So what's the news on the forums? Who is still here? Mike, Eric, and Jan are here, who else? :D

  2. Two great works of two great mediums, film and music, are combined to provide a great YouTube:



    Just for the record, Equilibrium holds the record for the most onscreen kills made by a character in any movie. John Preston, played by Christian Bale, takes exactly 118 lives in 107 minutes of runtime. In total, 263 people die in Equilibrium as a whole. Good movie, fun if only for its action scenes, with the gun kata. Not the most original movie in the world beyond that, but it has one of the most ridiculous causes of a gunfight ever seen on screen.

  3. Great idea on honorable mentions, Aigis! :D

    Here are my five honorable mentions:

    Brotherhood of the Wolf

    The Matrix




    If you want a movie a little bit on the stranger side with some absolutely brutal fights, watch Brotherhood of the Wolf. It an amazing genre mashing French film that manages to throw elements of action, martial arts, historical drama, gothica, horror, suspense, and a little bit of erotica into an oil drum, roll it down a hill and then blow it up with spectacular results. For a demonstration, here is the trailer.

    DISCLAIMER! Know that it is a French trailer dubbed in English. It contains some nudity, so if you are a squeamish about such things, don't come crying to me saying "You never told me" :)

    Brotherhood of the Wolf Trailer

    As you can see a couple of big names in there, primarily Monica Bellucci and Mark Dacascos. Good film all round despite its weird mixture of genres. A must see!

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