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  1. Hey, wondering if anyone else brought Orange box? It quite a good value for a game: you get HL2, HL2: Episode 1, HL2: Episode 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. Only about 50 dollars too.

    Even though I already own HL2, HL2:EP1, steam allows you to give those games you already have to a friend on steam.

    The portal game is very cool. You have a portal gun and you shoot an entry and exit portal in which you walk through. But you can do some crazy things with them to solve the puzzles in the game.

    TF2 is also pretty cool. It has neat cell-shading graphics that look very good. The graphics remind me a lot of the movie The Incredibles.

  2. Hehe, I remember this thread. (y)

    It's a pretty sweet game. My roommate just brought up his xbox eliete last weekend and we've been playing it this weekend. Too bad I suck so much at it, I never play console games. :)

    We all enjoy playing with the saved videos feature to see all the funny ways I've died.

  3. Hehe, that's good to hear. :( Yea, I'll take some pics of it when I get my camera back. (My XTi is currently in repair, I just hope it comes before I leave in a few weeks.)

    Tracking says 2 more days... I'll be keeping my ear open for that big brown diesel UPS truck. :P

  4. Ah, well....

    Remember that laptop I described above? Well I had to cancel the order on it after the ETA for it was another 4 weeks from what I was told. :P

    So instead I now ordered the Asus G1S-A1.

    Very similar specs:

    T7500 2.2GHz

    8600M GT (this one has faster GDDR3 memory than the Sager)

    15.4" 1680*1050

    160GB 5400rpm

    2GB Ram (upgrading myself to 3GB)

    Vista Home Premium 32bit

    It turned out to be cheaper too, and I'm excited to get it. Coming next week. :(


  5. Sure, it was a little more than I had planned on spending. But still was a great deal compared to other companies. It turned out to be about $2200 with an extra warranty, shipping, ect. I was going to only get 2GB of ram then upgrade it later, but the 4GB was only 170 more (cheapest I could find on Newegg was 130ish) so I figured to just get it now.

    I wanted to get some nice specs on it so it could last me a long time. And from what I've heard battery life is pretty good at 3.5-4+ hrs.

    It's going to be a great for in the dorm and isn't too big to lug around to classes.

  6. EDIT: see below for the new laptop.

    I just ordered my first laptop tonight and literally can't wait for it to arrive!

    After months of research and browsing and configuring and comparing... I finally picked out the Sager NP2090 laptop. It's ODM is built by Compal (they make laptops for Alienware, Voodoo, Falcon Northwest, ...) and is 15.4" form. This seems to be quite a popular model among everyone of notebook review forums, as it just came out beginning of July.


    15.4" WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050) (Matte finish)

    T7500 Intel Duo Core (Santa Rosa core) 2.2GHZ

    4GB DDR2 667MHZ (2 modules) (I've always wanted 4GB and it wasn't too much more only $170, for Dell's to upgrade 2GB --> 4GB it cost 850 dollars!)

    Nvidia 8600M GT 512MB

    200GB 7200rpm SATA HDD (cost a little more than a 250 @5400rpm, but I thought the speed would be a greater benefit)

    DVD burner 8x


    Wireless N (and it does a/b/g too)

    Fingerprint scanner built in

    Internal TV Tuner w/ remote (it'll be great for recording shows!)

    Vista Home Premium (they install 64bit so it can use all 4GB, but give you discs for both versions)

    Sager NP2090


    So sometime in late July/early August it will hopefully be here. :)

    The other makes i was considering were HP dv6500t, Dell 1520, Asus F3SV1, and HP dv9500T and for the performance/price Sager was the best. It was also the only one of those to carry the 8600M GT which I'm also greatly looking forward to using.

  7. Psyche is another show on USA network, usually right after monk is on. It's about this guy who have really good observation skills, and sets up a fake psychic business. He solves crimes pretending he is a psychic, its an interesting show if you like shows like Monk.

    @Arg: Oh don't worry it gets really weird later on throughout the seasons and becomes so addictive to watch and wait for the next week! The story gets better later on. :)

  8. Not too much now, almost all the shows are repeats until the fall.

    I'm watching the 4400, new season started a little while ago. Monk, and Psyche will be starting up this week on Friday, both of which are neat shows.

    There's a new show called Burn Notice on USA network which looks quite promising and interesting.

    I love Lost and Prison break too, the season finale for Lost was pretty neat. :)

    I hope Jericho will get another season too.

    I don't know if anyone watches Hell's Kitchen, but its a pretty neat show.

  9. I'm looking for probably late August to buy one. Hopefully there will be more with DX10 around then.

    Alex, does your laptop have 'turboflash' or is is called turbocache ? I've heard a bit about that recently in the new Santa Rosa cores.

  10. From when I used Vista in the Beta 2 stage with only 1GB I often wished I had 2 or more for multitasking!

    When I start shopping for a laptop soon I need one with atleast 2GB. There's a nice Asus one I've been looking at but it only has 1 gig, so an upgrade for about 40 bucks would give me 2, and I found a 2gig stick for 89 on sale!

    Philip: lol @ your screenshot!

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