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  1. My guess is that you have Delenda Est mod enabled.

    Because this stuff "20 houses cap", "1000 max pop", sounds like DE, unless that you were playing the developers version and such changes where included in the last days, but i hardly think so.

    Deactivate the mod and you won't have those caps

  2. Longports seems to be missing a file and the tents are floating :P

    ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "art/textures/skins/structural/NorseWall.png"


    I'm agree with all of them, except with the longports, wouldn't be better to replace the tents with nord houses and a blacksmith but leaving the props you got there(the barrels and the table)?

    The drakkar is missing too or something else went wrong

    ERROR: Could not load mesh 'art/meshes/structural/norse_drakkar_sail_folded.dae'
    ERROR: CObjectEntry::BuildVariation(): Model art/meshes/structural/norse_drakkar_sail_folded.dae failed to load
    ERROR: Failed to build prop model "props/structures/norse/drakkar_sail_folded.xml" on actor "drakkar"
    ERROR: Could not load mesh 'art/meshes/structural/norse_drakkar_sail_folded.dae'
    ERROR: CObjectEntry::BuildVariation(): Model art/meshes/structural/norse_drakkar_sail_folded.dae failed to load
    ERROR: Failed to build prop model "props/structures/norse/drakkar_sail_folded.xml" on actor "drakkar"


  3. 3 minutes ago, Alexandermb said:

    Yes, they have 3 idle animations, and walk animation (remando), the only static is the ship leader because he only breath.

    What about waving his hand pointing a direction or giving orders? 

    La sacaste del estadio :victory:

  4. Created with Heightmaps. Next thing i should try to use is the rmgen librarys, the tedious work of painting terrain is hell.


    Night view




    Despite the size of the map (Small), it's not playable (Lag), but it should be if i remove 90% of the rocks on the map. Enjoy the view! 




    Btw, @wackyserious those roads are great! You should consider on making corners(Square/Rounded). @Alexandermb I urge to commit your models. 

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  5. As for what it adds to the main game, read: https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/delenda_est#delenda-est-an-overhaul-mod-for-0-ad-empires-ascendant

    How to install:

    1. Download it from moddb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/0-ad-delenda-est

    2. Copy the .zip file into 0ad/binaries/data/mods and decompress it right in that folder.

    3. Open 0AD, go to Tools & Options then to Mod Selection, select Delenda Est and click the Enable button.



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  6. @Alexandermb

    Wouldn't you like to join the Modding Community team? We aren't to active and most of the work is quite independently of the others, but still we all contribute and talk/share when we got the time. In this way if you want to keep contributing to this mod, you can get to know the roadmap and the needs that the mod has, and of course you can collaborate us to make it better. 


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  7. 14 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

    A moderar, es un servicio tipo skype o tipo Teamspeak 3 ( y se pude usar desde el móvil.  para juegos entonces hice un para 0 A.D Latino( no puedo hacer uno español castellano o ibérico) necesito que los chicos se porten bien.

    Ahh, ser moderador si no, es una tarea que consume mucho tiempo y para eso si no tengo habilidades :P

  8. @Alexandermb Saludos offtopic:( y fuerza! Ojala todo mejore por alla pronto)

    Y si creas los slopes? Aunque en el vanilla ya hay unos, pero tal vez te interese mirarlos



    Hmm con respecto a las murallas que creaste, depronto en las torres de las puertas podrias añadirle algunas palizadas que sobresalgan, las haria ver mas amenazadoras, es como la impresión que tengo de los nordicos

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  9. Que hay riesgo, si. Siempre habra riesgo, pero dudo que ese puerto sea un objetivo comun para algun atacante. 

    Troyanos, virus o spyware muy poco probable, a no ser de que descargues mucho programa basura de poca confianza o de que descargues el juego de uno fuente no oficial.

    Hasta donde tengo entendido no se ha presentado ningun caso de uso mal intencionado(Vulnerabilidades, exploits) del puerto necesario pada jugar y la verdad creo que seria un ataque muy especifico, sobretodo teniendo en cuenta que lo que se abre es un puerto por UDP.

    Sobre el router, busca la documentacion oficial y mira como configurarlo



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