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  1. Having armies gather resources looks rather strange to me.

    Ain't that historically correct? Most factions in the game had armies composed from farmers. Dunno if britons eg had a professionel army at all, for sure somebody here knows more about this. For Rome it was Marius who created a professionel army, before that they gathered resources when not fighting .. ;)

  2. Playing the developer version after Itms' pathfinding branch got merged into it seems to be a good start. Afaik there a few good players willing to do so...

    I am a little concerned about capturing, could change current gameplay totally and will make balancing a huge task (eg should buildings be destroyable only by siege engines? And if so, will they be available earlier aso ..)

    Wotever, as stated, a "Call for SVN" would really help.

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  3. At the moment, by posting units on a position, they'll attack opponents they see, and because of this, you can loose some units for nothing.

    Set to passive or standground works fine for the scouts, no? Combined with batch walkorder on minimap, its kinda patrol. Sure a button for endless A <=> B ride would be perfect ..

  4. Discussing similar game and how can be applicable to 0 A.D. is perfectly on topic.

    Absolutely not. The topic is:

    Alpha 18 Balance Feedback

    ...not that a game needs a vision, not comparing similar games, not Lions google_translated blahblah the forum gets spammed with all day long.

    But sigh, welcome on my ignore list ;) ..

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  5. But what If I make 100+ champ archers?

    ...then your eco will have gone downhill :)

    Sure, there are many aspects for balancing. I was only referring to athenian champ archers; if archers in general are a little op in a18 is a different question.

    All I can say, I have not noticed athenian champ archers are op in real games too (vs strong opponents).

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