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  1. The Red Cliff is very accurate on historical accuracy as far as Chinese movie goes. There are some inaccuracy and anachronism (They use Western Han period clothing while the timeline is set in late Eastern Han/Three Kingdoms, but that is because Eastern Han archaeological finds are way too scarce to reconstruct anything concrete).

    We can disregard the fancy costume/armour on named characters, those giant shields and round shields from the first movie, outdated or anachronistic weapons like ge (戈) ,Guandao and that horse-drawn chain...thing, serious lack of crossbows, and crazy martial art moves. Other than that, it is actually quite good in the costume department.


  2. Great! Thank you!

    If the visual appearance didn't differ, then perhaps the actor could be reused, but the stats of the two guard types might still be too different to merge both in one?

    Please allow, what do you mean by "because they are a cavalry unit". Does it mean that cavalry units in general (within almost all civs) shared little differences?

    Thanks again, also for the excellent texture references. Amazing research showing the full picture.

    It's up to you after all, but i think you should keep Yu Ling instead of Qi Men because later period saw the merging of Qi Men into Yu Ling army thus making Qi Men less important the Yu Ling.

    Both Yu Ling and Qi Men was a product by Emperor Wu's anti Hsiung Nu policy, since warfare in the vast steppe requires mobility then cavalry are the only ideal unit to counter Hsiung Nu attack.

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  3. For the so called Feathered Forest Guards or Yu Ling Guards you may use this:


    For head gear or helmet:


    For the body armour, this might help:



    For weapons and further detail:



    Actually, Qi Men Guard share little differences with their Yu Ling counterpart because they are cavalry unit, so it would be good if you just have one guard unit instead of two.

  4. Agreed, sub-factions could work. Or make their units recruitable through a scenario-only building like the Stoa can recruit Theurophoroi.

    Or by reform tech, for example: Justinian Period, Heraclean Period until Thematic Reform.

  5. Infantry (Elite)

    Persian Infantry in a siege mine at Dura Europos.bmp

    Armament: Spear(Neyza), Persian Spara Shield, long sword for decoration, Helmet, mail shirt with bronze decorations.

    Infantry (Basic)


    The infantry in the middle of the picture was an ideal example of a standard Persian infantry.

    Infantry (Advance)

    Armament: Helmet, Spara Shield, Spear, long sword for decoration, mail shirt.

    Infantry (Elite)

    Armament: Helmet, Spara Shield, Spear, long sword for decoration, mail hauberk.

    This what i can provide for the team about the standard armament for a Persian infantry during the Sassanid period. Other unit's armament and appearance may need more time.

  6. Parthians versus Sassanids:


    1. Infantry

    Generally weak in the eyes of the Romans and modern scholar due to lack of centralized government. Relied heavily on its client kingdom.

    2. Cavalry

    Strong on mounted archers and armored cavalry (cataphracts) supplied by the Parthian nobility from Grandees to petty chieftains.

    3. Siege

    Generally weak.

    4. Navy

    Relied on its vassal from Characene to maintain an indirect control over Persian Gulf, mostly unremarkable.


    1. Infantry

    Mediocre, but better than the Parthians due to centralized government and organized migration of Iranian military settlers from Iran proper thus ensuring the state have a full time standing army. Have a small but yet effective mercenary regiments.

    2. Cavalry

    Powerful armored cavalry made up by Azadan warriors suppled by the Parthian Clans with a handful of vassals and allies.

    3. Siege

    Powerful siege equipment, effective siege technique from the east plus excellent training, making them a better opponent when against the Romans.

    4. Navy

    Have a direct control over modern Oman (Mazun or Mazunsahr in Antiquity), capable of dealing pirates but not a real naval battle.

  7. Books that are not recommended for reading:

    Osprey Elite series: Sassanian Elite Cavalry

    Why? the only thought is that the book did not play its role to explain the importance of Iranian infantry during Sassanid period, instead the author describe it with a few words and no further explanation about the recruitment, training and payment (tax exemption, combat pay, stipend and spoils of war). Not to mention the colour plates that display royal ceremony with 1 and 2 battle scene (against Romans and White Huns) which have little or no real explanation about how a proper Sassanid military work (how infantry operates siege equipment, training, conducting a combat from melee, archery and siege warfare and cavalrymen arming themselves and a good description about their equipment in pictures) unfortunately the book provide two colour plate about Iranian Heroism and their unsound bravery on fighting Roman and White Hunnic troops!

    Osprey Man at Arms: Rome's Enemies Parthians and Sassanids

    Generally bias about Sassanids, blindly endorsed Roman propaganda that Roman infantrymen could butcher Persian infantrymen like sheep and pigs.

  8. As a player of 0 AD i found this a little bit strange, an Egyptian levy phalangite could beat a Foot Companion in hit points seems to be an insult to Macedonian Phalanxes who have more military training, experience and stamina. In order to avoid controversy, i suggest that Makhimos or Egyptian levy phalangite receive hit points equal to a Persian Sparabara even they achieve elite status.

    Thank you.

  9. By the way, i was thinking about separating Thematic Byzantine from earlier Justinian and Heraclean Byzantine thus making them three separate factions like 0 AD did on the Romans (Republic, Imperial, Late Imperial and Eastern Roman Empire). It will be easier for the team to focus on a specific Byzantine faction instead of one faction that requires many, many kinds of reform.

    Or better still, merging Heraclean with later thematic army to show transition and change between Heraclean and Thematic armies thus saving one slot for other factions.

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