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  1. I see, interesting, I'll remember it.

    But about the exercise. I did it in fact, at the time. (- _ -)' And even now, the first time after reading your message I did it the same way I did before... (- _ -)''

    I would die so fast in a fight ! :D

    I didn't documented at all for that work. It was something due and did it as fast as possible. I was all "I have no time I do that as fast as possible and give the work even if it's bad" ^^

  2. What kinds of animations are you good at? Do you have any examples?

    I'm not sure if I can say that I'm good at animating, but I can animate. ^^

    Here is an example, I just recorded that from an old work. The one and only example. I didn't specialize in animation. I have very few to show then.

    It's not perfect since I did that in a rush, without previous experience in animating characters except one or two exercises.

    So, here it is 5 animations (Idle/Attack/Walk/Run/Jump) supposed to blend in each other under UDK. The end is quite rough, didn't want to crack or buy fraps just for that. ^^

    I had some trouble because of the proportions of the character and my lack of experience, and time ! :D

    I did animate some non characters stuff and imported them in a game engine too, and triggered them by script ( Lua )

    I like to be able to do a little of everything so, if I can animate here to train, why not, but I'd happily work where you need me the most if I meet the requirements, not just animating.

    The skinning and rigging has been made by myself too. Following instructions. Honestly I'm not sure to be able to do a good rig without some more tutorials.

    Salut Dany! Bienvenue sur le forum et dans l'équipe!

    Not many fellows french speakers around, eh eh, always cool to have a new one!

    Your 3D work is pretty good, you're skilled on characters, interesting!

    Looking forward to how your contribution to 0 A.D. will take shape ! (by sculpting I suppose ! :) )

    Ahah ! Je m'attendais pas à voir du français ici, ça m'a fait bizarre quand j'ai lu la première ligne. :D

    Thanks. Yes I like to create characters or whatever can be sculpted in fact. I find moving points with a mouse quite boring compared to sculpt. ^^

  3. Yes, of course. I think I'm ready to be tested. ^^

    I think I'm ok with props, nature, meshes and anim. I'm quite bad with buildings I think, and I don't realy like to model them, unless its ruins that needs to be sculpted. Love to sculpt.

    Yet I wonder about programs. I just don't know anything about Blender, so... it could take some time for me to understand it.

  4. Position: 3D artist/Animator

    Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free?


    Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license?



    Hovertin Dany


    hovertin.dany at gmail.com

    MSN Messenger:

    I don't use that anymore...









    Skills and Experience:

    Did some studies in computer graphics.


    Highpoly/Lowpoly modeling

    Basic rigging


    Key-frame animation/posing


    Experience, hobby.


    Oh god ! That question that I never know how to respond to ! Let's just say i'm nice, friendly, that kind of stuff.

    Short Essay:

    A long time ago, when looking games for Linux, I think it was the very first alpha release I discovered this promising game. I'd like to contribute here to see what I'm capable, if I can match the needs of this work. Plus you develop for Linux, I like to encourage these productions. (Even though I don't have Linux installed on my computer anymore ^^)

    Interests and Hobbies:

    Guitar, reading, playing.



    Favorite Game:

    DOOM 1&2

    Space Channel 5




    Divine Divinity

    Work Examples:

    Even though I'm OK with animation, I have no example for now. I did some Walk/run/attack cycle for a character, I do understand Keyframes/skinning/rigging.


    Sorry about the presentation of that site and it quite slow, don't really like web, too lazy to fix that for now... :D

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