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  1. It's not an invention of mine:

    I wasn't trying to imply that you did. Only that I'm sure Portuguese Historians prefer that POV, where as Spanish ones probably see the the other way around. Its just a stupid half full vs. half empty thing. Who is actually correct is another matter, and I suspect that it's the former not the latter. But good luck convincing a Spaniard

    He is me

    That is not a big surprise.

  2. I would suggest Basque, because there is also few information on the origins of Basque - some people even say Basque is a leftover of ancient Iberian dialects.
    Sounds like a good idea :)
    Spanish has its roots in Latin, so it wouldn't be a very good option, would it? But if you choose Spanish, don't forget the fact that Old Spanish sounded very differently than today's Spanish - some say it sounded more or less like Portuguese.
    I'm sure the Portugese favour that opinion. :) .

    Undo, you know Gato Fedorento? (Sorry for off-topicness.)

  3. Extraordinarii were in fact infantry AND cavalry, drawn from the Italian allies that marched with Roman legions during the wars of the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. They were seperated from the other men of the legion when in camp, billeted between the northern gate and the praetor or consul's tent. As a completely volunteer force, they had particularly good standing among the other troops and were often called upon by higher ranks to perform special duties. This included serving as the personal bodyguards of consuls and leading the army on the march. For our purposes in 0 AD, the extraordinarii is a member of the infantry portion of the force.

    Interesting. Cheers for filling me in on that.

    Would making them mount/dismount serve any purpose though? Other than looking cool?

  4. On the lower settings, AOE3 looks worse than AOM. I think at the higher settings with Bloom and HDR the game looks great but is a pain for gameplay. Gameplay-wise I'd say AOE3 and AOM are on-par.
    Gotta disagree about gameplay, but hey, it's your opinion. Graphics wise, it depends on your card, and also, I reckon AoE3 lowest is only a little worse than AoM on highest.
  5. In AoE3 it sucked indeed. Can't imagine how anyone could play like that. And one tad below that in gfx looked like AoM-level sophistication to me, but then again, the whole of AoE3 wasn't very good.
    Oh really? And why do you say that?

    Even on low level it's a whole heap better than AoM. So's the gameplay. But yeah, I 'd love to know why you don't like any of AoE3.

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