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  1. Yeah, the textures and models are fine. They'll look good in the engine. Just need to get the entity within an entity problem solved. Something we've wanted for things like archers and catapults on ships, but I think we postponed for Part 2. Though, we'd probably be persuaded to do some work on it if your mod looks to be a big deal and could expand the reach of 0 A.D./Pyrogenesis.

    Throughout our latest updates we gathered a good number of watcher and attention , does that count as a big deal :P ?

  2. If you want normals/parallax, specularity and transparency, you should use this material: <material>basic_trans_parallax_spec.xml</material>

    EDIT: If you want add parallax effect in top of the normal bump, you should use a black and white image as the alpha channel of the normal map.

    Dosen't seem to work for me :( I will try another time right now i want to know how can i create a new faction .

  3. Yeah copied one of the already existing building's code ,added "basic_trans_spec " but it still dosent work :(

    This is how it looks

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <actor version="1">



    <variant frequency="100" name="Base">



    <texture file="structural/rome_factory.dds" name="baseTex"/>

    <texture file="structural/rome_factory_norm.dds" name="normTex"/>

    <texture file="structural/rome_factory_spec.dds" name="specTex"/>






  4. Yeah we will go open source :) However dont know how that would help us to get any extra help :\

    We set our plans for a basic built that will include 2 factions ,most units are already done ,only 2 of them remain to be skinned and a few buildings remain to be mapped and skinned.

  5. Cavalry like in BFME ?Make riders faster and give them the ability to trample enemy units however when they try to go over pikes they almost get killed ?

    Around 1:00

    I think it would make the gameplay a bit more dinamic and also make a difference between mounted units and infantry .

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