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  1. Yea, mainly Hellenistic influenced soldiers such as the Italics. I think the only thing I've made ever that isn't Hellenic or Hellenistic is either Viking era stuff or that Agen helmet I showed you guys.

    Do you use Photoshop?

    Gimp. I can not buy it and I do not feel right pirating it. Also, for the modeling program, I use Wings 3D as opposed to Blender or 3dsMax. It's decent when combined with other tools.

    Edit: Hmm, yeah, the texture maps look similar to the texture maps in Roma Surrectum(Rome Total War Mod). Shouldn't take too long to get used to it :). I might take a look at the .dds files in the public archive to see how helmets and all that other stuff looks.

    Edit Question: How do the collada models work? What program do you use for them?

  2. They could gain some promotion in order to compete against Seleucid and other successor state champion unit, a unique champion unit with cheap price and citizen army status but not to be too strong against other champion unit. As i said before they should be a unit with a special status.

    Historically these unit are prone to rebellion and the Ptolemies decided to recruit foreign soldiers than using native Egyptian in large number, by giving a half status to these unit could somehow portray the nature of these unit.

    But after all it is you and the team makes the decision, i am but a community enthusiast that wait to play the game after all.

    I'm not sure if I'm educated enough to give an opinion on the Ptolemies but didn't they use Galatians and some form of Squadron(Agryspidai/Hypapist as examples) as their elite?

    Replace the Pezhetairos for the Ptolemaic player?

    Lol, yep. And give the Ptolemaic player more of a choice of mercenaries I guess.

  3. It would be interesting to put the late Romans against Marius's mules :D

    My money is on the mules, they were too disciplined.

    Depends on the period and the army it's going against. If it is Marius' mules against a Praesental Army, I'll put money on the Late Romans. Also, I am a fan of Late Antiquity but are you guys gonna include any late counterparts such as the Franks or Alemann because it would seem odd without them.

    Edit: Also I'll update my sources from IG on here. I think it's around 200something mb of stuff related to the 3rd-7th Centuries.

  4. Hi there. Right now most of the texture work we need done would be in the areas of map terrain, flora and fauna, and GUI. Have any interest in these areas?

    Kind regards.

    I am sorry for my delayed response. I am not that experienced in those areas at all but it does not hurt to learn how to do those things. I will try to learn how to do them if there is not a need for texturing troops.

    this guy is amazing

    Thanks, but I think I am average at best. I really could use some work learning how to model better but I have not been trying to improve my modeling skills on account of how interesting texturing is in the long run. Stuff like height maps, AO/Displacements, and poly baking makes texturing a lot more interesting than modeling to me at the moment.

    Edit: Also, I might try getting my modeling/texture mentor to apply here. Since this is a open source mod, I think he will be able to make models for this game(Don't ask why he can't :D).

  5. Here they are next to some Thespian Black Cloaks.

    Yeah! I haven't seen them in the current version of 0 A.D(Although I've seen them in the map editor) so I was wondering. Are you guys considering adding Epaminondas though? It's kinda odd to not have Philip II's mentor not in the game yet have Xenophon.

  6. I'm not sure if the Theban Band(The first time I saw that unit, my heart jumped because I've never seen Thebes represented in any classical game I've played)special unit is in this game or not, but can you guys please bring it back in. Also, I suggest Epaminondas as a Hellenic Hero and Gaius Marius as a Roman hero. Also, are you guys in need of texturerers/modelers?

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