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  1. I found some awesome nerdy jokes online. Just Google them- their funny!

    Why do programmers always mix up Halloween and Christmas?

    Because Oct 31 = Dec 25!

    CDROM: Consumer Device, Rendered obsolete in months

    PCMCIA: People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

    ISDN: It Still Does Nothing

    SCSI: System Can't See It

    MIPS: Meaningless Indication of Processor Speed

    DOS: Defunct Operation System

    WINDOWS: Will Install Needless Data On Whole System

    OS/2: Obsolete Soon, Too

    PnP: Plug 'N Pray

    APPLE: Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing Entity

    IBM: I Blame Microsoft

    MICROSOFT: Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools Teenagers

    COBOL: Completely Obsolete Business Oriented Language

    LISP: Lots of Insipid and Stupid Parentheses

    MACINTOSH: Most Application Crash; If Not, The Operating System Hangs

    AAAAA: American Association Against Acronym Abuse

    WYSIWYMGIYRRLAAGW: What You See Is What You Might Get If You're Really Really Lucky And All Goes Well

    Find others urself.thumbsup.gif

  2. Why did people complain about the removal of stone? And what kind of RTS is 0 a.d. supposed to be (action-packed? micro-heavy? civ-style?)? Oh, and I am new to big projects (did smaller personal ones to learn C++), so 0 a.d. seems a little overwhelming to absorb in(quite a few files, not because I don't understand the conceptsnerd.gif)! What do I do first to get used to the code and find out what every file does (give me good starting points).

  3. In Age of Empires 2, players were forced to build at least 2 mines if they were teching-a stone mine and a gold mine. Age of Empires definitely had flaws, and one was the trouble of managing too many resources. I still dislike the prospect managing many different resources. I propose that the Stone and Metal resources be merged together into 1 "mineral" resource so players wont have to worry about too many different resources. This way, players can build both "stone" and "metal" units with only one resource and the game will still make perfect sense. I feel this game can take some fun elements from AOE, but I wouldn't play this game if bad elements were reincorporated.

  4. Currently all maps start with players with limited amount of buildings/units and one win when kill all the opponents.

    Is there a plan to add different gameplay modes as other games (BFME2, Settlers 6) have? Some examples:

    1. An AI that starts with a complete city and many units but will only try to defends itself, it won't add new buildings or units, just replace the lost ones.
    2. Reinforcements coming from behind enemy lines at triggered time.
    3. Different victory conditions, e.g.:
      • kill an enemy hero;
      • survive 3 enemy attacks;
      • destroy a special enemy building;
      • gather 10000 food while defending yourself;
      • build a fortified city with 100 units (no enemy involved) in 10 minutes;
      • develop a sustainable trade with an ally.

    Something like these would make game more enjoyable, especially on campaigns!

    You can do that in many RTS games like SC1&2 with a map editor with triggers.

  5. Will there be fatigue in game. like you have to rest your troops or else they get tired and dont fight as well and eventully pass out for a littel bit

    That feature seems unnecessary in 0 A.D. as it would slow down troops and the game. A "fatigue" feature wouldn't make game-play more exciting.

  6. Welcome to the forums MagusOfMirrors

    Take a look at the Introduction to 0 A.D. programming if you haven't done so already.

    What do you think of 0AD, have you played many games? Are there any changes or additions you would like to make to it? It's usually best to work on something that inspires you :)

    Compared to other open source games, this game seems to be PERFECT for me to work on because there still is room for work and this game is RTS, my FAVORITE genre. I play Starcraft 1-2, AOE2 (orig. and exp.), and WCIII. I never played 0 A.D., but that is irrelevant until I find out what kind of programmer I want to be, learn a lot about that kind of programmer, and make meaningful code contributions to this community.

    Although I never played 0 A.D., one suggestion for the game is to make it fast 'cuz AOE games take too long and the buildings HAVE TOO MANY FRICKING HIT POINTS. Unit diversity would also be excellent as AOE's races were almost identical except for tech trees and modifiers. Try to get that out after the initial release as that could improve the "learning value" of the game and provide richer game experience.

    I just need to know what kind of programmers this project needs so I can decide what to learn and I can be... A VALUABLE ASSET!!

    Welcome. :)

    Java is a lot easier than c++ though. ;)

    It's just a steeper learning curve. They both have their uses. I never really learned Java, but I know that Java lacks crucial memory management stuff that empowers C++.

  7. Hello everyone, I am Cary and I am a high school freshman. I just finished and passed a C++ course at UCSC-Extension. I wanted to sharpen my game programming skills and my friend suggested that I join an open-source community rather than trying to work with schoolmates whom have trouble with for-loopsLOL.gif. I am very excited to work with people who love AOE just as much as I do.

    I am definitely not able to help program this game today, but I am willing to contribute the 10+ hours a week to study whatever kind of programming you guys need the most. I hope that I can find out what kind of programmer I should specialize as soon.

    I look forward to meeting other people in this community and getting my first newbie instructions!biggrin.gif


    I'm soooo nooob:

    I know this:


    link lists

    virtual functions*

    data templates*




    why C++ > JAVA (my biased viewstongue.gif)


    *- I ain't so great implementing it

    I hope I didn't lose you guys...

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