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  1. It's already looking to be a fun map to try. You're missing Helm's @#$% and the Deeping-Coomb, though, both of which would make a much more interesting battle. You could fill The Gore(The gap between The Deep and The @#$%) with farms that could be tilled until enemies break through Helm's @#$%. Helm's @#$% is an earth wall(weak by comparison) about a quarter-mile out from Helm's Deep, and the Deeping-Coomb is a large valley directly in front of The @#$%. When defending Helm's Deep, the defenders always have the great advantage of the high ground.

    It would also be more appropriate for the river(The Deeping Stream) to wrap around the front of The Hornburg and then along side it in The Deep, as it acts like a moat around The Hornburg, thus making it stronger and sturdier. To take The Hornburg, Saruman's Uruk-Hai Need to take first The @#$%, cross the open expanse of The Gore, then take The Deep, and afterwards would be able to surround The Hornburg on two sides. Even then with the loss of The Deep, The Hornburg would still be protected by mountains at its' back and side, and its' great walls with the stream in front of them protecting the other two.

    Sorry about the LOTR rant, The Battle of Helm's Deep is one of my favorite parts of The Two Towers. :D

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