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  1. We accept your opinion Adam, atleast I do, and I value it a lot. I just think controversial subjects like religion and politics always give many different, sometimes fanatic, opinions

    Thank you for that. Render seems to have a pretty radical anti-American view.

    I think that America does stick it's nose in more places than it should. But I also think that the world would be a much worse place if America would not interfere anywhere. I wouldn't have gone into Iraq if I were president, but I support our president in doing it and think that Sadaam needed to be taken out.

    Another thing. It is obsurd saying that the starvation in Africa is the United States fault. There is no crediblity in that.

  2. Obviously there is no way to prove how the universe came into exsistene, so this is mostly an opinion and beliefs question.

    I believe that God always was and that he created the universe. Now as far as can I prove that, no. Other than it says it in the Bible and I have found the Bible to be an accurate book.

    Also I think the non-creationist versions of the universe being formed is as fantastical as mine, maybe more so.

  3. I am looking for a pretty powerfull system. I need a very large ammount of RAM and HD space because I will be doing video editing on it. I would also like a good graphics card because it will also be used for 3d modeling and games.

    Thank you for your imput so far. and if this info about what I need gives you any more ideas, fire away.

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