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  1. Aren't games like Call of Duty still called "Call of Duty" in languages other than English? Maybe not.

    I think so too. You can see it f.e. in articles at Wikipedia where names of articles are Call of Duty not depending on the chosen language. Local translation are written only for non-English-speakers.

    One another example for all of them: article Age of Empires at German wiki starts: "Age of Empires (englisch für „Zeitalter der Weltreiche“)..." and later in text is "Age of Empires" used to refer to the game.

  2. Huh? How does the language of the entry determine notability of the subject? The only reference I see to language in that guideline is "sources may encompass published works in all forms and media, and in any language," which seems to confirm that. It would be ridiculous to claim, for example, that a famous event didn't occur in e.g. German or Finnish, just because it happened in an English-speaking part of the world.

    It's not directly in the language itself but in the language version of Wikipedia. The German one, as a second largest Wikipedia language version, presses more than other language versions on quality of articles. AFAIK they have one of the strongest requierements.

    So to say it clearly:

    Please get to know local rules before translating articles among Wikipedia language versions.

  3. You can turn building when choosing the place to build them. Just choose the building and then:

    1. hold the left mouse button and move your mouse a bit from side to side OR
    2. use [ and ] tu turn the building in 15° increments/decrements

    For more hotkeys read this list.

  4. I meant ingame costs, of course.

    So let us build a hangar, then. Or will we have only several planes at the start of mission and no way to build more?

    And another idea: is it possible to include them in Alpha 6 under some cheat? For example we can get one flying above our CivCenter after typing "flyingflying" or something like that? B)

  5. Unfortunately the game isn't very fun to play with.

    Springs: 1944 is fun but you need to move really fast to have at least a slight chance to win.

    EDIT: By the way, how much cost one P51-Mustang?

  6. Which name would you like to add to Alpha 6 release? It should be connected to age 500 BC - 0 AD and should start with F.

    English has a bit problem with this letter due to lots of changes from f to ph so my first ideas are bad (Pharos and Phoenicia). But then I found Felicitas, the goddess of good luck, which fits well.

    I apologies myself if there is already name chosen.

  7. That can be difficult in a game as games often have rules like perhaps women not being able to attack which means that no matter how much you might want to send an army of women to fight their women, you just can't. I also doubt I'll be able to defeat them by sneaking someone in to toss a corpse in their well.

    Of course you can attack your enemies only with women. But I'm not sure if such attack will be successful.

    Dogs are better.

  8. Related: I think it would be nice if there was a higher terrain cost applied for passing through a forest, and most of the time units would want to go around if possible.

    I think it should be so. Your soldiers should avoid forests if you tell them to move somewhere. They should go in the forest only after your direct command to go in it.

    Green = forests, Blue = soldiers and their path, Red = where you tell them to move



  9. Another thing is, that you can make the Interface transparent if the cursor is not over the interface.

    If this was ever implemented I would advise to do it only selectable in settings and not to hard code it. When you are in battle and are coordinating an attack your mouse is out of this region but there is overall health of selected units and their types. So I at least need it.

    I would divide the buildings into two groups 1 group for civil building and one for the military buildings

    They are divided. Women can start building of only civil buildings (first row) while citizen-soldiers can start building of both civil and military buildings (both rows). But both types could construct the building as soon as there are foundations.

    also couldnt make it to close a canyon( do you know what I mean I don't know the right word) with walls , so that no enemies could go through.

    So to solve this you could make a Grid which is all over the map and you could define(is this correct?) where units can go and buildings can be placed and where not.

    This is not needed. If you have built so many walls that some canyon is closed your enemy should go throught another one or take a lot of siege units. Easy.

  10. Personally I'd like to play with the same map flat out forever with new enemies randomly appearing from the edge of the map to set up bases and attempt to take my bases. I'd like to never run out of resources on a map.

    if game mechanics would allow this, you could try playing on a map that is literally to scale with a given region (say, the entire ancient world) and make it a free-for-all between twenty players

    Doing this as a multiplayer game to which new players can connect as soon as one of them is destroyed would be really great. It could even go forever.

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