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    • Not if they are regimental symbols  though the civ symbol might show ownership and therefore differentiate it from defender's structures. Enjoy the Choice
    • Personal opinion: a siege workshop shouldn't have ornamental symbols, right? Is not a civil structure.
    • Btw, it's possible to clone 0ad repo on github, create a branch for some feature and in any moment have a SVN-compatible patch for these changes. I'm currently slowly working on #2305, I initially attached a SVN patch for it, but then realized that I want to do a lot of small incremental updates to it, a final version won't be ready soon and it would be much more convenient to have a git branch for an interim period: the latest version is published as soon as I push a new commit, all changes are visible as separate commits with messages and diffs and the ticket isn't cluttered with a lot of intermediate patches (it's already cluttered enough with all those research results, current state reports and discussions :)).
      'Comparing changes' page allows to see both overall diff and log of all commits present in the branch:
      Diff can be downloaded and applied to SVN copy using the same link (with appedned '.diff'): curl | patch -p1  
    • I'm sorry for not keeping up with you on replying, work has been kicking my butt lol you're headed in a good direction. One small thing I would ask of you is to make the main building's texture plaster rather than cut stone to fit in better with the rest of the faction architecture. I'm stretching my lunch break lol, let me know if you have anything specific you want critiqued and I'll get back to you when I get back home.  Looking good, keep it up!
    • Use shift clicks to orient your troop formations, shift click behind where you want your formation and click forward where you want it to stand and face. 
    • @Alexandermb: yes, but your modifications are unrelated to how the Norse are represented in Millennium A.D. (which is the actual subject in this topic)
    • @wowgetoffyourcellphone If you have a group of 20 chariots and you want to make sure those are not in the range of an tower the best thing you can do is adjust the direction. Furthermore you can put units into formations, such as skirmisher. However, formations are nearly unplayable, because you can not decide their direction.

      It is not necessary to have any in game bonus by adjusting the direction, it simply gives the human player more control. It is like the feature which allows you to assign groups of units to numbers from 0-9, you press the number and you get the group. This feature gives the human player more control.