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    • I was thinking of something for the future, might create a ticket about it. If mapmakers could set a tag on maps, we could probably switch texture packs depending on that. @sanderd17 do you think it's hard to do to load textures depending on a map parameter ? Is there even a way to link that ?

      Yeah it's mostly wood and stone, though that seems pretty accurate to the britons.

      Though I think it's too brown looking at this 

    • The highlands might have trouble getting thatch, I suspect they may have used turf for roofing, though I forget where I had seen this.  The lack of value contrast is what concerns me most, though there are no daubed houses or anything of that nature in the screenshot, which would help in that regard.  But Ofc there is more than 1 Celt pack, don't know if I want to follow though with the others. 
    • Nice walls  I like them like this. I always wondered about the top thing above the gate, it seems that was never lost in the 10 centuries that followed though I did not  find any historical backup for it

      About the hay I asked on an historical forum about it

        All depends on the region hay is not available every where especially in mountain areas, stone slate make roofs.  For the color I'm not sure It kind of break contrasts don't you think ?
          Basically what they say is that gaul houses interiors are like 5 or 6 steps below ground, and some stories allow animals to be stored 

      Oppidums' walls were generally in stone, on ground support with (

      Quote : (From wikipedia it seems) 

    • I've been messing with the Celt pack to see if I could work in darker thatch for the Brits wetter, cooler climate. Oh boy i changes the hue of the thatch to match the desaturated almost brownish-red of older thatch, but the Gaul stone was already desaturated red, so I hue pushed that towards its complement, a greenish yellow, and lightened it to offset the heavier thatch values. Then I darkened the wood to keep its value relationship with the thatch. It's a big pain in the butt, and I still don't know how I feel about it.  It's a huge change for sure
    • Was mentioned in my tutorial   7e8862 is the hex value I use. But actually, I think the persian hall icon can be considered finished when you've changed the color. (the noise isn't too much and the shape does fit the shield quite well even though it would've been nice if it the glow was slightly stronger in the corners).  
    • Rome was powerful throughout history, so much so that one point in time simply doesn't do the civilization justice, which led to the choice of the Republican Manipular army during the Second Punic War alongside Carthage, due to the focus on 500 B.C. to 1 B.C. in Part 1 Empires Ascendant. Hence the long term plan to also include a few other Roman civilizations in order to do Rome justice: the Early Empire (Marian Reforms), Late Empire (Trajan), and Byzantines in Part 2 Empires Besieged focused on 1 A.D. to 500 A.D., which is planned to also include other civilizations at their prime during the period and campaigns.