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    • What will come: Specialization: I'd really like to put the mod a step further by adding a kind of specialization for every class, giving more choices for different situations. Not fully convinced if that may be a good idea because choosing different paths by researching a pair technology where the decision is about further improve  melee / ranged offensive stats and armor / movement speed would also be interesting, still not satisfying though. Here is just a specialization example: swordsman-fc.pdf Diversify Civilizations: Factions may have different traits which should be historically accurate and merge with the current gameplay. Sparta women able to increase arrows count while garrisoning a tower and eventually a Civic Center. Iberians could have advantage into making corrals. Seleucids could choose between army reforms depending of the fortress entity, thus being able to train different type of champions for different fortresses. Gaul druids could increase attack speed of nearby units. and so on. Update to What's new: Technology: Houses: REMOVED! Home Garden NEW! Pair Tech: Home Garden:  Increases houses garrison limit from 3 to 4 and big houses limit from 6 to 8 Increases by 20% the population limit given by houses Home Harem:  -50% training time for women trained from houses. Increases by 20% the population limit given by houses Units: The game feels quite frenetic, thus women and all infantry and champion units train slower. Women: training time increased from 8 to 10. Citizen Infantry: training time increased from 10 to 12. Ranged: Javelin: Pierce damage reduced from 16 to 15 Slinger: Pierce damage reduced from 9.5 to 9 Archer: Pierce damage reduced from 6 to 5 Citizen Cavalry: training time increased from 15 to 16. Archer: Pierce damage reduced from 7 to 6 Champions Infantry: training time increased from 20 to 24. Javelin: Pierce damage reduced from 26 to 24 Slinger: Pierce damage reduced from 9.5 to 9 Archer: Pierce damage reduced from 6.5 to 6 Champions Cavalry: training time increased from 30 to 32. Archer: Pierce damage reduced from 14 to 12
    • Sparta itself didn't have city walls in Classical times (because they considered it unlikely any enemy would be able to reach it; something similar applied to Principate Rome), nor did they allow other settlements in their territory to construct walls (they were constantly fearful of revolts). However, Spartan colonies (e.g. Taranto) did have massive city walls, and the Spartans themselves repeatedly erected stone walls outside their territory (e.g. at the Corinthian Isthmus or at Thermopylae) to strengthen their control of the battlefield.
    • To clarify, a temenos (feel free to translate it with sanctuary) is not the wall, it's the whole sacred area (any area which is cut off from the normal world and dedicated to supernatural being(s)). Whether or not it's surrounded by a wall, moat, fence, rope, or nothing at all is irrelevant. A temenos does not necessarily have to contain a temple or altar, it could actually be almost anything: temple grouds, a single tree, a spot where lightning has struck, crossroads, a cave, spring, lake, grove, hilltop, or a complete island or mountain top. And each temenos could have its own rules (e.g. “wash your hands before entering” or “no threspassing; fine is three drachmae”). Nor is it restricted to Greece and Egypt; yes, it's a classical Greek term, but the concept itself was and still is present throughout Eurasia (and probably elsewhere as well). Mount Athos is a fine example (the whole peninsula is sacred in Orthodox Christianity, women and female animals are not allowed in), as is this Japanese temenos:  
    • @Sundiata : I thought the spartans didn't like walls as a way of defense.

      Anyway if the temenos is a thing, perhaps it should be present on all greek wonders then.
    • Unless the upgraded tower shoots flowers.
    • @serveurix, it's called a Temenos, basically a sacred enclosure, from the Greek verb τέμνω (temnō), "to cut", in reference to the action of cutting off a piece of land by walling it. The term is commonly used in regard to Greek as well as Egyptian culture, where sanctuaries and temples where often walled. It serves a symbolic purpose (separating that which belongs to the god from the rest), as well as a secondary defensive purpose, protecting the massive riches inside the temple from potential raiders (lot's of gold). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temenos
    • I think this is one of the points where 0AD has a potentially major advantage over AoE. The 200 pop-cap thing was one the most aggravating limits in the game, and 0AD can potentially handle thousands of units. A lot of room for epicness right there. But without a battalion and army system, it's going to be a hot mess.  Armour upgrade researched at the blacksmith makes perfect sense. I also think tower upgrades at the tower make a lot more sense than at a granary. Alternatively they could be researched at the fortress or a "research institution" like a library.