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    • 1. How did you come across 0 A.D.? Some friends of mine came across it first, many alpha releases ago (around 2012, I think), and then I got started playing it, quickly becoming one of 0 A.D.'s most enthusiastic fans.  I got interested in modding for the game over the summer of 2013. 2. What motivates you to play 0 A.D.? I am motivated by the game's historical emphasis, ease of gameplay, moddability, resilience/freshness/realism, and overall coolness factor (and of course, because it's FREE!)  No joke: I actually learned _far_ more about history, geography, and the Bible through this game (and the research it inspired me to do) than I think I would have otherwise.   I don't have a huge amount of time outside of work and life, but when I _am_ involved in 0 A.D., I usually spend more time researching for my Aristeia mod than I do actually playing the game.  I'll typically play a bit more just after an alpha release.   3. Is there anything you want from any part of the 0 A.D. community and feel you're not getting? If so, why? I would like for there to be more civs, more units, more special buildings, more gaia animals, more special techs, more victory conditions, more diplomacy/trade settings, a more reasonable/negotiable Petra Bot...  I sometimes wish there was a bit more coordination of everyone's modding efforts into one unified chronological depiction of historical gameplay, but I realize that not everyone has the same vision for how the game should be presented.  I have a dream that one day I could go into 0 A.D. and select from a giant drop-down menu any time period, and then select from another drop-down menu with any major civ from that period, and start a scenario!   Also, I would love for there to one day be a strategic campaign gameplay mode, based on history.  That would be incredible.  Oh, and one more thing. Make the "how do you turn this on?" cheat unleash a winged fire-breathing dragon instead of a P-51 Mustang. 4. Is there any more information you'd like to add? I love the fact that 0 A.D. is open source.   5. What is your age, gender, and location? 26, male, United States
    • Basically I'm remaking the texture using references, the original in gaming is very blurry.
    • They do.  Give them a LONG time and they'll start spamming them.  Almost lost a match because of that.
    • Well, I was thinking it's broken, but in a different way....
    • Some more thatched roof references from Scotland:
    • The dark blue wall parts still look blurry, but the second variant of the gate icon looks much better.