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  2. Hahahaha! No comment... Very interesting, thank you!
  3. The old textures were almost identical too right? I did not push this yet due to concerns with distinguish-ability but my first statement could also prove me wrong. I want to hear more opinions from others before going on with this.
  4. camel

    goatissh dominance

    wtf, i think t2 were bots with real players name.
  5. You took so long to lose that you won.
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  7. camel


    Who is the guy who can unban me? Duration of ban: Undefined. Should i uninstall the game or someone will unban me?
  8. It's already almost a week, but Emperior hasn't got over his defeat and it has come to him spreading some false accusations about my supposed cheating. Today he compared me to JC and that was the time when I decided to take actions. So here we are, let's put the replay here for everyone to judge. We picked a less played civilizations, so this probably could be a nice game to watch on its own. Teams: r4pt0r, Boudica, PhyZic vs. Emperior, Unknown_Player, darkcity The encounter we were talking about happened at 30:00. I had 50 archers, 6 elephants and 5 pikemen. Emperior tried to counter my army with 35 spearmen, 16 pikemen and 12 skirmishers. You probably already noticed that his army balance was sub-optimal with below 20% of ranged units. The funnier part is that my archers got all attack upgrades, which made each of them deal twice the DPS compared to the spearmen Emperior's army mainly consisted of. I concentrated my army so that my elephant's don't get cut off and die to skirmishers. Emperior proceeded to attack my elephants and pikemen, which were on the front, so they served their tanking role perfectly. Emperior's army was cut to pieces as expected and that was all there was to it. The weird thing followed when Emperior accused me of dancing with the elephants. There wasn't really much commanding of those elephants from my side as the fight was basically a no-brainer victory. All of the elephants lost quite a lot of health but it would be expected for them to take some time before dying to spearmen. Some of the elephants were walking part of the time but there was barely any chasing noticeable. So this is it. Emperior could be heard he can't be bothered to make a GIF of the situation to prove my cheating, so I took the time and made a GIF of all the elephant dancing I could see in that game: 2019-06-22_ElephantDance.zip
  9. Fair enough. That said, I don't have any reason to think that the team would add in another faction, and there are others that I would say are more on demand such as Thebes, Corinth, Argos, Syracuse, Tarentum, Epirus, Rhodes... basically everyone wants more Greeks and only Greeks. Those who say they don't are in denial. Silliness aside, there are plenty of responses that could be given that are less Jewish sounding. The Greek voice acting mainly consists of "What is it?" (not a traditional greeting). At least according to a forum post that apparently quoted a scholarly source, there might be indication that it Shalom was employed quite regularly in Punic even as a greeting: Š-L-M I [Heb. s̆-l-m]v. pi’’el 1. GREET SOMEONE (+ 'lt)CIS I 5510.6/7 (Pu) qr’ lmlqrt ysp ‘lty l s̆lm wlyrhy bmqm [z], “As for him who calls to Milqart, they shall continue to greet him and make him welcome in this city.” Cf. Arabic sallama 'alā.ŠLM II [Heb. s̆alōm]n.m. 1. PEACE, specifically PEACEFUL RELATIONSKAI 26 a I 11/12 (Ph) ws̆t ‘nk s̆lm ‘t kl mlk, “And I made peace with every king.”ŠLM III 3. PROSPERITY, WELL-BEINGKAI 26 A III 1/4 (Ph) wbrk b’l krntrys̆ ‘yt ‘ztwd hym ws̆lm w’z ‘dr ‘l kl mlk, “May Baal-KRNTRYŠ bless Aztwadda with long life an [sic] well-being and might greater than that of any king.” – CIS I 5511.4 (Pu) dr s̆lm wmnh[t], “A time of prosperity and peace.”Source: Krahmalkov, Charles R. Phoenician-Punic Dictionary. Leuven: Uitgeverij Peeters, 2000. 462-64.
  10. Upon a request, I upload this here. commands.txt metadata.json
  11. @(-_-) you could try a 2d distance field and with primitives then take the distance as a density parameter. For more see this https://www.iquilezles.org/www/articles/distfunctions/distfunctions.htm
  12. I used it as a first version of a planet procedural generation (not only, but mainly) in project with my friend more than 6 years ago:
  13. This screenshot, yeah. Something akin to cellular automata would be far better probably.
  14. JacklegendaryV quitted a rated game as soon as I started invading @user1 metadata.json commands.txt
  15. Concerning the siege rams, > they should maybe be slowered, it make no sense that a siege ram is faster than a piekman > towers and fortress should be able to drop rocks in order to crush them > it make no sense neither that siege rams can beat units, as elephants for example:
  16. Perlin noise? (at least I see familiar pattern of distribution).
  17. Making procedurally generated forests more visually appealing. There are quite a few knobs to turn and I still haven't figured out the perfect set of values. But the result looks far more realistic. Far from perfect, but I can turn those knobs until it is. The existing mechanism does not allow such levels of freedom. The existing forest generation can't do variations. Best it can do is do a random roll without considering how far deep inside a forest a tree is actually in. Or, it tries layered painting. Which is basically painting a full area. And then repeating the same thing again one tile outward. (at least, that is the gist of it). This means, that it's impossible to really generate a realistic looking forest. For one thing, forests doesn't always fade uniformly. Neither does that happen within "1 tile". Such an effect could be possible, but performance would be absolutely horrible. Performance within the random map library is something I prioritize a lot. Total map generation time: 0.047s. Coming soon to a Fork near you.
  18. Not a list as such we try to treat each offence individually so just start on other topic and post the evidence the commands.txt file of the offending game and ping one of the lobby moderators. Enjoy the Choice
  19. Seleucid dynasty was determined to force the Jews to accept Hellenism. Sorry for going to off-topic. I agree with Lybo phoenicians language. Then lordgood was annoyed by my suggestion to give him more variety and genetic diversity.
  20. I'm definitely no expert, I just thought European Jews influenced the modern pronunciation of Biblical Hebrew, which is why I thought the Yemeni example was interesting. But I really dunno... I meant that it would be nice to have Proto Berber Libyan units speaking Amazigh, to differentiate them from the Hebrew speaking Punics, lol, that sounds so weird.... Maybe they should just speak English. I honestly don't know if Punic sounded more like Aramaic or Hebrew. Seems like there's different answers for different times. During the heyday of Carthage, it seems to have been more different from Hebrew, but again, no expert here. I agree... I was basically just stating that I prefer the Jewish flavor for a Jewish faction, instead of having the North African civ sounding overly Jewish. But then again, maybe they did? I'm just imagining our Hero Hannibal during a 0AD match going "Shalom" anytime I select him, and it sounds a bit funny.
  21. if you disabled all you companies protections and it still doesn't work I guess the problem is on their side.
  22. @Stan` Yes error occurs only when im at work . I'm on machine which runs windows 7. I turned off windows firewall and i don't have any other software here so maybe the problem is in the router configuration. It's strange because I can normally play with some player like Doctor_Organs for e.g. and i cannot play with Lord_Commander for e.g.. Any tips what i can switch in router configuration to make it work for everyone ? I'm using TP- Link, Model TL-WR841N. UPnP is enable and also I tried to set the port forwarding but it neither works. Thanks for help in advance, Regards.
  23. As I understand it at the time, they were divided into political factions; on the one hand the Pharisees, quite nationalistic and at the other extreme Sadducees, a completely Hellenistic faction. Adding to this political mix are the Idumeans to the south and the Nabataeans, as well as Samaria. (Ancient capital of the northern kingdom)
  24. I would definitely find the Hasmonean Jewish nation to be a fantastic addition to the game, but I can't agree with you on the basis of including Proto-Berger, which isn't even linguistically Semitic to my understanding. Another thing I would like to quickly point out is that Classical Hebrew's phonology is generally based on what is called Tiberian, which comes roughly A.D. 800, in Judaea, not from European Jews. A further issue with carelessly making an amalgamation of the two separate languages is the repercussions that would have on the transliteration. If Aramaic seems like a better option, then we should go over Hebrew. What concerns me about attempting to do Phoenician or Punic is the general lack of any good scholarly lexicons readily available (Unless I've missed something). What would be done for more obscure words other than haphazardly bringing in another language? Obviously Hebrew and Aramaic are hardly the best options, but they are certainly the easiest not correct ones to depict well.
  25. Phoenician mixed with some Proto Berber would be the closest approximation of ancient Punic. Phoenician, Aramaic and Ancient Hebrew are related, but it's debated to what extent they were actually mutually intelligible. There were apparently some fundamental differences in pronunciation, and in some cases Phoenician was more similar to Arabic and Aramaic respectively than Hebrew, which is technically more closely related, I believe. I think Phoenician and Hebrew were quite similar in the early first millennium BC, but diverged more strongly in the second half of the millennium, with the emergence of Punic widening it still. Potential Yiddish accents flavouring reconstructed modern or classic Hebrew for a North African civ also seems a bit weird. Perhaps Yemenite Hebrew is something interesting to look at (seems to be more archaic). And what about Amazigh for Libyan units? Then we can reserve Hebrew for a future Hebrew faction, the Maccabees/Hasmonean Dynasty... They're from the right timeframe, super interesting, relevant (Seleucid/Ptolemaic/Roman interaction), and there's definitely interest (has been requested many times now).
  26. Please let me know when it will be officially released.
  27. Just to make sure they do not include any other unseen bugs.
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