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  2. Forget it! They are too fkin retarrdet to do anything about it!
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  4. I just took the basic rulesets that were presented in the design document and compared them to the actual "game" that is present in A23. That is all. Even a blind person sees that they don't match. And just saying: Neither did I write the design doc nor did I do the balancing in the past. That was done by someone else from WFG. And to me it's pretty obvious that nobody cares anymore. I pointed out some stuff to bring the design doc and the current game more in line. It's a fact that the current alpha contains a random mesh of different 200X era RTS game features (i.e. RoN borderlines and AoE II type resource and teching system) without any real coherent gameplay system behind that and it doesn't even remotely represent the design vision. It's the opposite to be precise. Nobody needs an AoE clone at this point, especially not one that isn't even halfway as complex/well designed as the original game. The HD edition and soon-to-be-released DE editions on Steam are more than enough to please the audience of AoE type games. The core game design is task of the developers. If they are not up to the task, they need someone else to work on this. The idea with having sub mod teams sounds good. However, idk how to make sure that multiple mods are worked on even if it's conceivable that one certain mod is prioritized over the others. Also, I fear that there might be the problem of limiting the manpower for the project even more, by splitting modders/programmers on different sub mods.
  5. Worker affects only units with the `Worker` class and Citizen affects only units with the `Citizen` class; both are visible classes. Then there are also the non-visible `CitizenSoldier` and `FemaleCitizen` classes. Different unit types can have different classes, e.g.: `template_unit_cavalry.xml`: CitizenSoldier; Citizen `template_unit_infantry.xml`: CitizenSoldier; Citizen, Worker `template_unit_support_female_citizen.xml`: FemaleCitizen; Citizen, Worker `template_unit_support_slave.xml`: Slave, Worker
  6. I'm confused as to the differences in each of the classes, more on the units than the buildings. For example: Worker and Citizen - How are they different? Since I don't know how to dig through the source code, can anyone give me the link to find the info about these things?
  7. That sounds indeed perfect for the figure-of-eight shield! However, goat-skin is more appropiate for the pelte.
  8. ALV puse uman xd let me see i find the documentary
  9. It was in UNAM TV. Isn't their official channel?
  10. Yea, i prefer the most neutral way of counting the conquest and history in general, it is more accurate and is not so politicized. also who made that video, not the UMAN documentary.
  11. Well @Freagarach attack zone command could maybe use a special animation
  12. Some kind "Indigenista" specially by the expert side. But was more balanced Cortes by UNAM documentary.
  13. One of the best known stories of the beginning of the spainsh conquest
  14. For tomorrow i will prepare more concept art, this time the civic center, market, fortress,etc.
  15. Yes. @Genava55 you were right even isn't Germanic from B.C is simple anachronisic mistake. https://historum.com/threads/germanic-shield-reconstruction.69201/
  16. Here's how the Suebian buildings currently look in the game, using assets from Millennium AD and elsewhere.
  17. Place holder we import allset from Millenium.
  18. Planning base... (since 2015) the actual GUI modding is some kind confusing. Its starting to feels old and outdated.
  19. This shield desing is historically incorrect for suebians, the anglos and saxon used it around the 5th century onwards after christianization of germanic tribes
  20. this images i took them out of a game: Bellum Imperii
  21. Are the UI improvements being employed on the SVN or are you still on the planning phase?
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