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  2. Hi, im learning game development in Unity with C# at the moment and want to make advanced 3D RTS game with multiplayer option and systems. I see that the source code of 0.A.D is in c++ on a custom engine. Since im all new to this im just wondering if there is any use for me to download and try to learn this code? Also, I wonder if you can show me any good example projects, good forums, books to read etc, if my goal is to learn making system based RTS games. Im thinking about implementing the new Entety system in Unity for better performance, is this a good idea to look into? Most sincerly
  3. I do this too. What we need is a true POG system (Premade Object Groups). Imagine in Atlas you go into POG mode and it loads a tiny "map" on which you can place objects. Then you save this grouping as a POG that is then added to a new sort in the object menu, which can now be placed in subsequent skirmish or scenario maps as one object (as if you're copying a pasting), or even extended to be placed by random map scripts too.
  4. I left this here to introduction post. as @Sundiata say , they can receive an treatment concept of nomadic raiders.
  5. yes we can experiment those in the mod first to reach a concept. (conceptual art and design)
  6. The topography is perfect as far as I can see. You can even imagine Cesar's siege walls and camps up on the surrounding hills.
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  8. The Germanic tribes of the Migration Period belong in "part 2", yes, but the Cimbrian War, in which the Romans (and Gauls) suffered some very serious losses before defeating them, dates to the 2nd century BC. A Celt-Iberian coalition even fought them (successfully). Perhaps a semi-nomadic approach with packable structures/ox carts would be interesting?
  9. Too bad you can't call CmpTimer... It executes stuff on each frame.
  10. This is hard to give them an unique ethnic group. "German" is a foreign construct pushed forward by the Romans. They were culturally not homogeneous before the Roman Era and they undergone a long evolution from this point. Przeworsk culture is very close to the Celts and the La Tène culture before the 1st century BC. Jastorf culture is very poor and unknown from a militaristic aspect before the 1st century AD. The Niederrhein region is culturally ambiguous, closer to the Celts before the 1st century BC but changing quickly during the Roman Era. The better known place before the Roman Era from a military perspective is Denmark, outside the Jastorf extent. Thus the best candidate for a Pre-Roman Germanic faction is the Cimbri/Teutones. For a good representation of the Germans during the 1st century BC to the 2nd century AD should be the Marcomanni, it would permits a huge diversities of regional variations. But later Germans are also diverse, Goths, Saxons and Franks notably. I still need some time to read the documents about the Thracians. I think they should be a more unique faction (rarely represented in the videogames): https://www.docdroid.net/qpO72Yg/thracian-combined.pdf
  11. Ah, yes, I was waiting for someone to remind me (now I know you really want it ) I'll be a little busy the coming days, but it will get done
  12. Something like this in the update function. It doesn’t wait for the file to proceed to the next update. It just checks each update. Non-blocking behavior. I don’t think the last function name is correct, but such a function does exist. if (Engine.FileExist(..) && Engine.LastMtime(..) != g_lastReadTime) this.chance = foo; g_LastReadTime = Date.now(); // this wont be equal to last modified time, but you get the idea. And yes, it really is an ugly hack probably.
  13. Maybe too much muscular. And the ends for the neck and the arms are maybe too wide (too big lines). https://tiflos.artstation.com/projects/KDoJG?album_id=1406039 By the way, if this is not already used: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ksour_Essef_cuirass https://www.haaretz.com/archaeology/MAGAZINE-diving-archaeologists-find-lion-helmet-from-punic-wars-1.5626649
  14. I edited the message and finished the Britons.
  15. That's right. So if I understand correctly, I need to move my sendDataToML and getMLData functions to defenseArmy, there, inside m.DefenseArmy.prototype.update after the for-loop I guess I send the army and getting the probability from the ML? If so, I still run into the problem, the game stuck waiting for an answer. I don't fully understand what do you mean.
  16. Hi all, I would like to invite you to our weekly livestream event. There will be a 4v4 match at 18.00 (UTC) on Sunday with dual-commentary by Alistair Findlay and Feldfeld (about 5-6 hours later after I post this announcement). If you want to convert UTC time zone to your time zone you can visit this website. Players who want to play should be in the room a little early. Players who want to spec/contribute should watch the event on Alistair Findlay's channel: Here is the link. Have fun,
  17. Here is the current state of the bronze cuirass that I am working on. I am not really satisfied on how it looks.
  18. @Bigtiger I know you said you did not want Templars and I know you were gonna do Polish, Baltics(Prussians, Estonians, Lithuania) but are going to do any Mongol factions or Russians or Swedish or even the Germans/Holy Roman Empire?
  19. Considering the scant sources, I don't see any reason to deviate from the few sources that we actually do have. So i'd say go for it! I know you're already familiar with Phillip II of Macedon's Iron cuirass: I wanted to share another Iron cuirass that I haven't seen on this forum yet. The Iron cuirass from the tomb on Prodrimo (Crete), 290 -270 BC (believed to be armour for a cavalry man) Original: Reconstructed: A little more info: https://hetairoi.de/en/grave-of-prodromi The silver plated iron helmet from that tomb is amazing as well (reconstructed): Original:
  20. It is more about misplaced regionalism than difficulties in the localisation. Officially, it is Alise sainte reine.
  21. Nah, I'm pretty sure they've deduced its location satisfactorily.
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