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How To Be A Good Forumer

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How To Be A Good Forumer

  1. Don't post one word replies. A one word reply can easily be turned into at least a 10 word reply. Try to ask another question, or expound on your thoughts.
  2. Don't hesitate to add to the reputation of others. People like that when someone notices they have done something well. You will feel the same when someone ups your reputation, too. Same goes for donating currency.
  3. Don't use many question marks, exclamation points, etc. The most question marks you should ever use for a sentence is one, and the most exclamation points is three.
  4. Explain and reason your thoughts. Put some thought into it. Don't just post things like "Dogs are better than cats". Explain why you think that; what draws you to that opinion.
  5. Don't use a ton of smilies. I would never put more than three smilies in a row, and even then its not advised. Put a limit on yourself of 5 smilies. Don't use inappropiate smilies. If you're agree with what someone said, use a thumb up, not a "Spam" smilie.
  6. Don't overuse the UBB features such as bolding/italized/underlined text. Bold text should only be used to emphasize a word or phrase. Italized text should only be used for slight emphamization and naming books, movies, etc. Underlining should almost never be used, except in small circumstances of emphamization.
  7. Post in sentences, start new sentences with a capital letter. That makes you look professional and serious. People like that and will treat you in a better way.
  8. Topic titles and sub titles should be descriptive of what you're posting about. If your title is "I need help", then your subtitle should say about what, so appropiate help can come faster.
  9. When someone celebrates his/her birthday or someone got promoted or his officially praised, don't hesitate to congratulate him. When you do it for other people, people will do the same to you on occasion.
  10. Don't use colors in your replies. As new skins are developed for the forums, the colors could "crash". The forum's default color is always the best way to go.
  11. Don't use huge text. Forum default should be the only size to use, and on occasion, small text can be used to show "sneakiness" in posting.
  12. Forum default for the font is appropiate. Its annoys people when another font is used, so default is best.
  13. Check your tags. Some people get into the habit of "Previewing" their post before actually posting it, this is a good habit to get into. If you don't, you should always check it for UBB errors, mistaken spellings, double-quotes (a quote inside a quote), and overall completeness.
  14. Don't overdo the center tag. Whole posts that are centered are very likely to be edited by moderating staff. Use center when posting a poem, song, or other work of literature.
  15. Make sure your signature also follows rules of the Community Guidelines and of above, with exception of colors and formatting.

Please send DarkAngelBGE a private message if you have any questions about that.

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Nice post :) I'd add something about that it isn't a good idea to spam just so you have the last reply in a ton of posts. Great post though, how about a sticky? Might also be a good idea to have in all mods' sigs and/or as a sticky in the general forum so everyone sees it.

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:) Great work, Quacker. What about some examples?

An example of the examples:

(point 1)

- Bad: "cool"

- Good: "That's great man, good job!"

(point 4)

- Bad: "i am so leet!!!11!1"

- Good: "I think I'm pretty good at that game."

I think you should mention something about "shouting", i.e.



"Great job, that's awesome!"

Again, great work Quacker! :)

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:) Thanks guys, this was an intranet task, finally done (only because Tim was going to kick my butt otherwise :))

I might update it later, can't now.

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