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Don't take it against you @xan2622, I think FeXoR is using "spam" with the meaning of "frequent messages I am not interested in", not "unwanted messages".

But it is not inconsequential to buy games to a portion of the price while we know the game industry is competitive and difficult for game developers. With 0 A.D., we are doing for fun and for free something that is hard work for professionals, so there is a risk that we confuse free games made for fun, and games that are made free by the competitive market while people try to live of them. I think that is what concerns FeXoR. And the FLOSS community in general is not really a big fan of late stage capitalism, especially in Europe :)

But let's stop with the politics: I like this thread and getting intel about good offers! :P

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2 hours ago, xan2622 said:

I only paste these links for the other forum members.. just to let them get free games. And not in order to promote these platforms/websites.

I thought that much so I didn't really attempt to stop you.

And as @Itms said I don't mean that personal against you, @xan2622

Nice gaming to all of you ;)

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