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Looking for Submissions for (relatively) Newbie Game Replays for new Youtube Channel

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It's been about 2 years in the procrastinating but I've finally launched my Youtube Channel aimed at newer, less experienced 0AD players. The idea is to feature a match each week, highlighting some of the basics, plus the basic errors that most of have made early in our development (am still making in my case!) I've got enough material for the first three episodes but I'm probably going to need a few submissions from players to keep it fresh and interesting. So I'm hoping a few of you good people can help. 

I have some base requirements;

1) The caliber of players

Ideally looking for matches with players rated from low to about 1400, although if there is a great tactic on show, some truly incredible action and drama, I'll certainly consider submissions from higher rated players.Ideally though I'm looking for matches between players still somewhat finding their way. Some moments of tactical greatness are welcome, but it's a warts'n'all thing - I'm looking for people making errors and blunders as well. The perfect games will be where there are lessons to be learned and good points for new players watching to take away and work with, but packaged in an essentially exciting game. 

2) No silly walk over victories

I'm not talking about a good early rush that ends a game early, I want those! I mean the games where a player spends the whole game building up an impressive force, only to find the opponent has done nothing but chop down a single tree! Or built a fence! The caveat to this would probably be team games - I don't mind the odd game where maybe one of the players is genuinely clueless but the others are going for it!  

3) Be nice! 

The aim is not to make an opponent look thoroughly foolish :) 

4) Replays of under an hour

Most of the replays will be broadcast at insane speed, so anything under an hour fits nicely as a full episode, however I'll waive this is if the game is genuinely seat of your pants exciting.

5) Replay files

If you can PM me a link where I can download the files that would be awesome. I'm on a Windows PC, and forgive my ignorance - I've no idea if the replay files for Mac or Linux users are essentially identical and cross platform, but assuming they are - all are welcome. 

Now, I've deliberately not spammed this topic with details of the channel as no-one appreciates people who use forums as gratuitous personal advertising opportunities, but if you do want to check it out, search on Youtube for 0AD Newbie Rush and you'll find the first episode that went live last Sunday. :) 

Many thanks for your time


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