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"normal" Websites Or Forum-integrated Ones ?

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Discussion: "Normal" Websites or Forum-Integrated ones ?

You know the WebDevelopment Team is building new websites for WFG, 0ad, TLA and Insurrection. The question now is, if you want forum and website to be separated or rather have them be just one united object?

What would that look like ?

This would look like the following: A navigation will be added to the left of every forum where there are links to threads (such as Screenshot gallery, Wildfire Games background). Those threads would be in forums where you can't reply, so achieve the rather static content model of "normal" websites. The rest would be pretty much done through forums: In some of those static threads you can reply/give a rating/flame the author (j/k) etc., but in most them you can't.

In that right navbar we would also find an overall poll, Links to Partner Sites and links to Featured Articles. Suggestions on that are always welcome.


These: Going with forum-integrated websites is much better than to go with "normal" websites.


-Centralised Community

-Centralised Information Resources/Discussions

-Saving a lot of clicks

-Development Time rather short compared to "normal" websites

-Stay closer to the developers (they only have one point to visit as well)


-not as flexible as "normal" websites

-no drastic separation of static information and discussion (this can also be an advantage, depends on your point of view)

Those are the ones that I can think off right now. I will post more later as they arise. Please tell us what you think about that idea in general. Thank you. :)

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I would prefer a normal web site since I think it comes off as more professional. I have never been to a "forums only" web site that I liked.

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I have to agree that a normal site looks more professional and attractive to those who decide to visit WFG. Also, you have more freedom with how to arange the content.

However, we could do some sort of comment system in which everytime there's an update or news item added to the WFG sites, there can be a topic made in a "Comment Fourm" where we could talk about that update or news item.

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