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0 A.D. ''Primus Pilus'' Tournament (I) (32/32) Players

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I think the last four players should play all vs all (round robin), specially since dakara had a free pass the entire tourney.

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ValihrAnt vs Feldfeld

Very nice and fun matches.

We also both streamed the matches, so if you want you can watch the vods.

My pov (with commentary): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/595518040?t=0h1m9s

Feld pov (no commentary): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/595515841?t=0h5m8s

Draft: Ant bans Gauls, Feld bans Ptol. Ant picks Brits, Romans and Athenians, Feld picks Brits, Athenians and Spartans.



Vali 1:2 Feld


PPL Vali vs Feld.zip

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Thank you @Feldfeld and @ValihrAnt for popularising 0ad by streaming it live on twitch.tv as well as for letting others to see how best players do their job.
I hope some day 0ad will have more spectators on www.twitch.tv than VALORANT (current TOP 1).
Anyway these 3 are in top of all top 1v1 replays. They are definitely 'must-see' games.

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