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Old Iberian market, or "new" Iberian market *Poll

Old Iber market, or "new" Iber market  

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  1. 1. Do you prefer the old Iberian market currently in-game, or do you prefer the "new" Iberian market actually created by Stan`several years ago.

    • Old Iberian market currently in-game
    • "New" Iberian market by Stan`

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I made this poll because I’ve always thought that the current market for the Iberian faction lacks a certain recognisability, and even after all these years, I still sometimes struggle to quickly find my allies’ Iberian market in a competitive match. In my opinion it’s a little too small, and looks more like a single market stall, than an actual market.

A few years ago Stan` made a new Iberian market, but was not committed. I rather like that market, and decided to ask the community their opinion on the matter.

The current Ibrian Market ("Old"):

Iber Market 0AD.jpg



The "New" Iberian market by Stan`:







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Whilst I agree the current Iberian market is rather small, I'm not sold on the proposed alternative.

For comparison, the various markets currently in 0 A.D.:


I would prefer it if the current Iberian market would become the corner of a larger market, to which smaller stalls are added, similar to the Kushite (top row, rightmost) or Ptolemaic (central row, rightmost).

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Do it, its been a fix a long time coming. It seems a bit on the smaller side still but nowhere near the discrepancy of the current market

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