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Optimal settings for competitive play

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Discuss and suggest settings that improve gameplay in general.

Better zoom and scroll speed (tks @ValihrAnt):

view.scroll.speed = "200"
view.zoom.default = "200"

Performance and contrast (only 1st setting requires autociv):

autociv.session.graphics.corpses.max = "0"
showsky = "false"
shadows = "false"
particles = "false"
postproc = "false"
watereffects = "false"

Place to check further settings and defaults (I found no documentation for scroll and zoom): https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/master/binaries/data/config/default.cfg

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I think Continent Medium is a superior map in arguably any aspect to Mainland Small, except if you want to avoid naval invasions, but that's a feature for me.

Other good choices:

- Ratumacos Small
- Rivers Small
- Guadalquivir River Small
- Latium Small
- Flood Medium (a very challenging format)

In the current meta, maps with defensive positions are not well received since they are hard to break, but Pyrenean Sierra Small seems great too.

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