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Epic match (team spanish vs br|us)

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Map Mainland (Normal) Autumn biome

Team 1

Team 2



Highlights of game are:



lapatiencos great early harass, bad k/d ration but good economic distraction

chrstgtr had a very balanced early p3 at 160 pop while Rauls went for full pop first attacking while chrstgtr about to get second armor ahead, in which andy_beauty was able to provide great support

This is a theme that would go on all game, andy_beauty providing support while Rauls attacks strong position of chrstgtr with occasional support from Tauriel, that would eventually threat fortress on border but not successfully

I did not follow up closely the other side, but lapatiencos and Ricsand would take out bbgotbanned on border which, on the other hand, would attack and capture lapatiencos own cc. Meanwhile Pudim secured a cc in good position near Ricsand and lapatiencos border, restraining them. Curiously lapatiencos finished match with 1.2 k/d

Even though team br|us had really great k/d all game there were moments in which team spanish had good advantage in population and the game could have turned over really quickly if coordination and strategy had changed. All game some us|br team members where suggesting resigning.

Epic match


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