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[Phase II Released] City Building Mod

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23 hours ago, Alexandermb said:

This may be handly for this point 


Thanks @Alexandermb!

So it seems that the warships were financed and commanded by the upper class, boarded by middle class hoplites, and crewed by lower class. I guess the implementation could be that the number of warship  is restricted by the amount of upper-class units. 

1 hour ago, Alexandermb said:

@azayrahmad this also can be helpfull for the spartans:holplita-con-su-sirviente-o-skenoporos-siglo-v-ac-768x539.png

Description of the reference in spanish says: skenoporos servant of the hoplite

I just looked up on this. I think it's probably meant to be skeuophoros? I think there is a Serf technology implemented in a mod, probably Delenda Est. I might either make similar technology or make Helots have aura that increase Spartiates movement speed.

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Phase III Update

So I have started building Phase III, but due to my inexperience with ancient history, took a long time. Right now only Athens has been reworked. It is playable, but AI cannot upgrade building yet so it is recommended to not assign AI to Athenians for now. This should be compatible with current version of City Building Mod, but it is recommended to play it separately as I haven't tested the integration fully.

Notable changes:

  • Phasing is now automatic, but Agora still has to be upgraded first, from Village center to Town center to City center.
  • Market and Fortress are now unbuildable, but upgradable from buildable village center.
  • Agora can now trade, so bartering can be done in village phase.
  • Athens can now build Siege Workshop and Stable.
  • New units and technologies based on social class.
  • and more.

Enjoy and let me know if there's some bug or some gameplay changes that don't make sense.


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