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1v1 quitter Mativen1983

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Mativen1983 has been popping up in 'cheater' threads since 2018, see:

- 2019-04-13 (your comment)
2019-04-07 [original link] ✔️
    ↳ 2019-02-20 
    ↳ 2019-03-19 [separate post]
- 2018-12-02
    ↳ 2018-12-04
2018-09-10  ✔️
- 2018-05-01 ✔️

✖ = no replay given, ✔️ = acknowledged by mod, = no mod acknowledgment (people mostly aren't tagging)

I posted this on May 1st. The reports were all investigated, luckily, but he's still at large it seems :p

People like him are one of the reasons I don't play anymore, I can fight hard to get a good rank and see the same people cheat time after time with no consequences. I appreciate the awesome mods but they aren't going to ban him, @ryuga. As someone who's reported a lot in the past, I think currently it's better to just not report and move on, honestly.

EDIT: maybe I was too pessimistic, I'm going to make a separate post about Mativen though

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He was banned for making a second account. Still eludes his 100+ cheat I guess. When he's losing he likes to hide his women around the edge of the map.

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