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Call stack error fix

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Hi I'm gonna share on how I fix my call stack error not being able to start/play the game.

The version I got the error was on "Alpha 23 Ken wood"

At first I tried to set the graphic settings to minimum and left some settings untounchedĀ (still not being able to start the game)

I also tried the "-no sound" (Still getting the error)

ThenĀ I switch "prefer glsl" shader and "vertical v-sync" off then BAM (game works no error)

Also tried to bring back sound (delete -nosound) and the game still works

The error is either caused by "prefer glsl" or "vertical sync"

I'm on win10

added my dxdiag

hope this helps

DxDiag comp spec.txt

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Welcome aboard it most likely is "prefer glsl" as that has turned up quite often in the past we still have not tracked down the reason though a search of the forum will turn that up ;)

Enjoy the Choice :)

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