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Utopian Colony Crowdfunding - Solution for funding of FOSS Projects?

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It's been a while since I've been active on this forum, but I'm still playing 0 A.D.  a lot and the project I'm writing about could potentially help 0 A.D. with some additional funding in the future. 

So, on the Steem blockchain there's a FOSS project called Utopian that helps out other FOSS projects by rewarding contributions.
You basically write up a post about your contribution, which can be anything (development, bug hunting, translations, etc.), and they'll reward that post with a significant upvote.

You're able to exchange the rewards you receive after 7 days and rewards range from around $10 to $70 per contribution.

Would this be something that the 0 A.D. contributors are interested in? You don't need to register or anything, you can just start writing posts about your contributions straight away and get rewarded for them.

More info on that here: https://join.utopian.io/
List of some of the contributions: https://steemit.com/trending/utopian-io

Now they're also looking to build version 2 of Utopian, called Utopian Colony.
This will be more of a social experience with even more funding options for open-source projects.

They've launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo to make this happen and I'm personally pretty excited about this.

In case anyone is interested in getting more information about this, here's their crowdfunding page on IndieGogo:

Sorry if this post breaks any rules, it's not my intent to spam the forums here. I just want to share a potentially interesting project and it might be useful for people who are contributing to 0 A.D.



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Hey and welcome back to the forums.

Assuming this is not a SPAM/Scam, I'm not sure I understand. Who gets rewarded ? The projects or the individuals ?

If it's individuals it could work, but if it's the project I'm not sure SPI allows us to have funds like this.

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Just quickly scanned through the article: Sounds suspicious.

Read it again more thoroughly. Read "blockchain" --> Really suspicious ^^

If it's not, you should explain it more.

Edit: Read the indigogo entry: Sounds like a social media platform for FOSS with a built-in cryptocurrency for distributing bounties. :shrug:

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