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Application for scenario designer or Gameplayer programmer

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Position: Scenario designer or Gameplay Programmer

Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes

Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes

Are you sure you are not wanting to work on something programming related? (Then you don't need to send in an application form.) Yes and No (I can do both design and programming)

Name: Ryan Stanley

Email: rmstanley89 (at )gmail (dot) com

Location: Florida, USA EST

Availability: How many hours per week on average do you think you'll have for Wildfire Games? What about 6 months from now? 20 now 10-15 6 months from now

Age: 29

Occupation: Independent game developer

Skills and Experience: Master in Interactive Entertainment, experience as a technical designer at EA Sports and on released steam title Oracle Threads of Fate.

Motivation: I have a deep passion for both history and games, and this seems like a great opportunity to feed both passions.

Personality: IT tech teach turned self-taught programmer turned masters student to a game developer.

Short Essay:

I found 0 AD after going on a Age of Empires 2 bender for 2 weeks comp stomping with friends. I was looking for a similar RTS and stumbled upon this project. As someone who great up with a long of history and RTS games, I would love to be able to contribute to this project to continue the legacy of historical RTS in the vain of AOE. There aren’t many RTSs left not named total war, and while I love that series, I’d like to see the genre get more crowded. I hope to hone my game development skills,, in design or programming, and be able to point to 0 AD as a project I helped bring to life.

Interests and Hobbies: I like to read historical and fiction books,  continue to program, work on game jams among many other interests.

Staff: Not that I am aware.

Community: None

Favorite Game: What’s your favorite game currently? What about your overall favorite?

I’ve currently been getting back into the Yakuza series, but overall favorite is always Ocarina of Time.

Work Examples: Madden 19: Longshot Homecoming Mode, Oracle Threads of Fate.

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Hello and welcome to the forums.

If you want to help with programming you do not need an application as you can start working right away by reading the documentation on https://trac.wildfiregames.com

Depending on what you mean by scenario designer (campaign or mapmaking) I will either way direct you to @elexis and @FeXoR who gather most of the work force when it comes to maps.

We have a few different types of maps, scenario, skirmish, random. They can be divided mostly into random and the rest as random maps are generated using JavaScript code and the RMS library (Which is also in JavaScript)

The rest of the maps are made using the map editor called "Atlas"

Depending on your preferences you might either work on the cpp side of the code or the Js side, or both sometimes.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Oh and by the way you will work for some time as an external contributor until you will have gained trustworthiness with your contributions and are welcomed about a part of our team. Don't take this as a personal offense but more of testing period. :)

That only means you won't be able to commit to the SVN repository :)

if you feel like helping other people get their patches into the game you can also review code on https://code.wildfiregames.com

To do a proper review apply the patch on your working copy test that the test still pass that the code follows the coding conventions you will find on the Trac wiki and more importantly that the logic is not flawed. You can then either accept the patch or request changes.

if you haven't already I'd suggest you create an account on both these websites. I will add you to the contributors list this way when you submit a patch to code.wildfiregames.com you'll get an autobuild and Jenkins will run the tests.

hope you're not too overwhelmed and thanks for your interest. Looking forward to seeing your contributions. Don't forget to have fun :)

pinging @Itms in case I forgot something.


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Great I created those accounts and will look into it, I'm fine with either campaign or mapmaking (if had to make a choice probably prefer campaign)  ill reach out to them (unless you mean for them to reach out for me?) and look at the sites for stuff to help on the coding side.

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Nah, just wraitii. And possibly nani too, if he is interested enough to pick it up.

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Hi @DrunkenRyno :wavey:

I hope you found your way around in the documentation of Atlas (and maybe the map format? Not sure how deep you dug until now).

I guess the Scenario Design/Map making subforum is also a good place for looking for what other people have done (e.g. @Skhorn :P), what can be done, what to look out for or avoid.

If you have some maps to show off with a topic there where you can show screenshots and upload the maps would also be appreciated.

If you encounter any problems with Atlas you can always ask here or in the development chat.

As @stanislas69 mentioned, if you're really into campaign generation you should ask @wraitii about that.

Have a nice stay :victory:

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