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persia has 2 identical melee champions

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they have different name, cost and model

They are called Immortal and Hoplite something.


but stats are exactly the same :o same hp, atk, armor,speed


is this supposed to be like that?


+ fun fact, both are rarely used

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You probably mean Hoplites Kardakes and Persian Immortal. The Karadakes are hoplites so they should have access to phalanx and Imortals should not.  And KAradakes have different price. That looks like only difference right now.

If I remember correctly, this two types of units where a bit from different time frame but basically they had the same purpose.

I am not sure if some more things are planned for these two.

If you want you can check my mod here: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24764-new-mod-comming/

where I made them hero dependent and immortals can use bow as well since Kardakes dont.

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