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I deleted my Steam account

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There are too many downsides to using Steam. The worst downside is that instead of funding Steam, we could encourage more people to donate to projects such as 0AD (I know the fundraiser wasn't as good as people had hoped, but in my opinion it's worth trying it again)

Anyway - things I personally dislike regarding Steam:

  • It's too slow and it updates all the time
  • I don't need built-in rubbish such as 'friends' or pop-up advertising
  • It's possible that Steam causes Linux to freeze
  • 75% sales - they are not a reason to buy games
  • Command & Conquer 3 doesn't work on my new PC
  • Steam games are automatically sold at their highest patch version, there is no way to go down a version
  • I don't need Steam or Origin to play a game. I'd rather buy a disk!

I deleted my Steam account 6 days ago but it doesn't delete until 30 days has elapsed.

Send a message to Steam support and delete your Steam account now - so that you don't waste more money on them.

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My experience with Steam was infuriating and thus very short lived. I bought a new laptop and just grabbed a Civ V disk to go along (I really loved Civ III). The game wasn't fit to publish in its release state, the Steam software made my whole system 'fishy', the offline mode didn't work, often when I wanted to play I had to do Gigabytes of updates first, when Steam servers didn't answer I couldn't play the game I bought on a disk...

So yeah, screw them and everybody like them.

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