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13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

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Resultado de imagen para spanish wear full armor  xiii


Well in their home lands Full armor was not to difficult as most knights are from the more northern and cooler areas such as Britain, France, and Germania so for the most part full armor was not a real problem. But when it was really hot out or if they were on crusade in the east they could not wear plate armor as they would be more likely to die of heat stroke long before they saw the enemy. Instead most medieval knights would wear chain mail armor instead. It would still be hot but they would be able to cope, knights were tough fighters and a little heat wouldn’t stop them.

I’ve wear a full plate in a Spanish sunny day:

Truth is, it helps to dissipate heat. Of course, if you are all the time in the sun, you’ll have a problem (but then again, the same happens without armour) . But, if you are moving, armour keeps you cooler: is a big @#$% heat sink.

Generally speaking, you’ll be always cooler in plate, because is a huge @#$%ing dissipator.

Is much worst in cold climate, because… is a huge @#$%ing heat sink. You need a lot of clothes under the Armour if it’s cold outside.

Chain mail is even better, I don’t know why, but is even cooler. Maybe it dissipates heat and also generates some kind of air insulation between the rings, but is even better.



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