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Thorfinn the Shallow Minded


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The title might be a bit misleading, but the point is to open discussion about the use of lambdas for Spartans (and Alphas for Athenians).  I've read a fair amount of classical sources, and nome of them attest to the use of either letter for those cities.  There is only one particular case in which Xenophon (if my memory serves me correctly) notes that soldiers of Sikyon were able to be identified by the sigmas on their shields.  This, however, does not give any evidence for the presence of letters on other peoples' shields.  Furthermore, I have never seen a piece of pottery depicting either letter on a shield.  The only basis for these letters seem to be from secondary sources.  Granted, I am only pointing out that I have found little evidence of the letters when of course absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, yet I do find the lack of evidence to be compelling.  If anyone does have some source to counter my lack of findings, please do show me, but otherwise, I think that it would be much better to not use letter based textures for shields unless Sikyon is added to the game as a faction.  

On a separate note, while I was checking this, I noticed that there are no textures for braided hair of Spartans.  Their hair being that way is mentioned on a number of occasions by Herodotus and Plutarch.  As is, we are missing the chance to see the glorious sight of Spartan hair billowing through the wind, something that everyone deserves to see. :P


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