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Other strategy games not RTS.

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Here are some features I want to see/help improve:


  • Formations (formations give armor bonus, but require discipline to maintain, fighting in formation is important, weak points in formation can be created and exploited, such as an elephant charge followed up with an area focused arrow barrage)
  • Unit mechanics (weapon switching, charging, attack ground, stealth, block with shield, dodge)
  • City building

These things will make the game significantly more complex, but will open the way up for MOBA style, and skirmish style battles such as in Company  of Heroes etc, as well as city building. The complexity for the RTS side can be minimized by having good unit AI or some kind of autobuilders where you let the AI control certain details while you control the larger picture. It would make RTS more interesting to worry less about economic micro, and more about meta economic/military strategy and allocation.

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