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Our friend, MIMO, where are you?

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He may not have but remember that no one here actually works for us they volunteer when they have the time to do so they also have a life that is entirely separate ie: they have to pay the rent,interact with their families this is both the strength and weakness of all Open Source projects someone else will take up the slack.

Enjoy the Choice :)

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Ofcourse people would leave. Most here are doing it on a hobby basis. And AFK lives always take priority. Students would eventually get a job or others may suddenly get very busy with thier jobs and sometimes they have to move on. In other cases, it could also be that people burn out after a few years and simply lose interest. It happens all the time, I am pretty sure that none of the founding devs are now here.

That being said, I do hope mimo would come back.

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With due respect, @mimo's continued absence is not a bug.

Disappointing? Yes. An impediment to AI development? Most definitely. A bug within 0AD? Nope.

Thus, I'm relocating this thread out of "Bug Reports" to somewhere a bit more appropriate.

As to who will fix AI problems: 0AD is Open-Source, so as mentioned above: anyone who wishes to. While admittedly no-one else possesses mimo's accumulated knowledge and experience of the AI code and subsystems, we welcome and will consider all contributions (so long as they comply with the submission guidelines).

(And FYI mimo is on a self-imposed hiatus. Whether or not he returns is up to him.)

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