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on Ubuntu trusty, build failing at glooxwrapper.cpp

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I was curious to see some output from different compilers and version so I set up a code integration test on my 0ad GitHub fork.

Can anyone see why the build is failing at glooxwrapper.cpp?

As far as I can tell, I've installed all the required dependencies. The first 3 jobs shown here are running on trusty, using gcc-4.8, 7.0, and clang 5.0. Each one fails at the gloox build:


script used to install dependencies


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7 hours ago, vladislavbelov said:

I think because of a different version of the gloox library, probably @fcxSanya might know.

I concur, we need 1.0.10+, see BuildInstructions:


libgloox (needed for the lobby; at least 1.0.10, previous versions are know to have connection problems; pass --without-lobby to update-workspaces.sh to exclude the lobby)

(actually it seems findPlugin method was introduced in 1.0.10, see gloox changelog, so previous versions not only have connection problems, but aren't compatible at all)

And Ubuntu Trusty has only 1.0.9: https://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libgloox-dev

I believe I used Trusty when working on #2305 , but I probably compiled a newer version of gloox from sources.

So either find (in ppa or somewhere) or compile gloox 1.0.10+ or build 0ad without lobby.

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I updated the links in my first post to show what I'm using currently. What I did was install libgloox-dev from the 0ad PPA and the builds are working now (except for the osx build, which is a different problem).

As for the versions mentioned in the build instructions, I'd like to refer you to ticket #5290



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On 8/18/2018 at 7:58 PM, fcxSanya said:

or build 0ad without lobby

I see premake4/5.lua translating '`without-lobby` to `CONFIG2_LOBBY` and this is used only in JSInterface_Lobby.cpp but not XmppClient.cpp or glooxwrapper. I see that premake excludes gloox if without-lobby is passed. But many files still refer to g_XmppClient and it's members, so it seems the setting doesn't exclude all of the lobby code, and thus may still result in unwanted binary code and compile errors?

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