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Running the JavaScript Automated Tests

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I would like to run the current JavaScript automated tests, as a first step to write my own, however I do not think I am running them.

The reason why I think I am not running them is because

./binaries/system/test --help-tests

does not list UnitAI, which is the specific JavaScript test file I wanted to extend with new test cases.

So, is the 


command running the JavaScript automated tests as well? If so, how can I verify so? Otherwise, how can I run the JavaScript automated tests?

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Replying to myself based on responses on IRC by @Itms and @elexis:

JavaScript tests are indeed executed by the test executable. They are listed as a single test, “TestComponentScripts test_scripts”.

You can verify so by adding an error to them, such as “TS_ASSERT(false);” or a syntax error.


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