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Mainland 4vs4

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HirnWolf (1343), Pudim (1412) [~1500], MorTak (1705), JorgeGijon (1586) VS devnull [~1450], S0loooy0 [~1400], PhyZic (1774),  samba (1255) [~1600]


Uberbalanced (Team K/D 1.01) 4vs4, things started bad for us, as I wanted to attack MorTak "at 8" (the positions were known, of course I meant the in-game time, as usual) with devnull. Unluckily devnull went in the opposite direction and my units did die in MorTak's base. Some minutes later Pudim built a CC next to me while MorTak sneaked a Roman military camp behind my base, so I had to fight on 3 fronts, since all 3  were able to spit out rams randomly. If that's not enough, JorgeGijon did a successful push into samba's base, while samba was pushing Hirnwolf himself. The lousy lunges from S0loooy0 did not bother JorgeGijon too much. Seeing that we're loosing on both flanks, 2 of my teammates were ready to resign and only S0loooy0 kept his coolness, behind thick Iberian Walls.









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