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Map Editing Contest - Campaign by the Players

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I've heard that it might be possible for anyone to host games on alpha 22, that solves one problem; But I hope the developers can ask the players to help create a conqueror's campaign. I highly recommend following a few historic epics; Particularly the conquests of...

Cyrus and Alexander the Great.

Starting with Persia and Macedonia, but perhaps remaining open to create a campaign for every faction, following the legend of one hero in particular; I'm not going to suggest any other heroes... I recommend the developers make a list of historic battles they want included in the campaign, under the heroes; With extra options for the map editor.

Than they can rely on the players to create the campaign from scratch, afterwards; A battle map could look really cool. That battle map could be used for a territory campaign that includes every map and every faction, each battle could have a premade map for the area. Perhaps alternating different locations around each area in the territory.

Than you could put campaign back on the task list, and just let the players do it for you; Possibility alternating the order to include only the very best in final product... By keeping an open mind to awesome scenarios some work on triggers for the map editor would help alot... But it's not even entirely necessary to make awesome 0 AD maps. So long as anyone can host and anyone can share a map; 0 AD could have one of the best campaigns ever.

I expect that once decided any scenarios it will be difficult to change; But I also expect players to make Muuuuch better versions of each battle, and the developers to consider each battle as the history and requirements become more clear (or what they want in the game, following some version of a campaign).



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