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Portraits (Units/Buildings/Technologies)

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The cloaca  maxima ( granary of age I in your mod) is still pettry obvius but I'm thinking the technique to make it, and composition.



this pettry easy only needs substitute my last with stone.

 what is this?


dont worry only linotorax are a really a challenge.

the others needs only good drawing (by my hand) with a good pencil.

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30 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

That is for "Lookouts" on ships, cost food and increases ship vision range. Could also be used for a scouting tech. It's taken from the box art of AOE1.


"Cloaca Maxima" could maybe look like this:



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Yes that the idea I have of the Cloaca, cloaca means sewers or sewerage  in many languages. So we have Maximum Sewers

Ok I give you in this order the icons

  • mine shifts 
  • Stone with the hammer icon
  • cloaca máxima
  • mine shift ( gold) variation.
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